How to Rock the Night Luxe’ Look for Going Out

How to Rock the Night Luxe’ Look for Going Out


You work hard during the day and manage seemingly endless responsibilities. You deserve a night out in your best fashions, where everything else takes a back seat. Establishing different night luxe looks can help you look fabulous every time you step out. Get your festive attire, sparkles, and desire for the finer things in life ready.


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Classic High Heel

A classic high heel is essential for a night luxe look. Plain black, strappy, cute heels are ideal for versatility. You can wear them with almost any night luxe outfit, from a little black dress to a silk jumpsuit. You can also wear them to work during the day and with jeans on the weekends.


Another option is wearing footwear with extra flair. Buy heels with faux fur or crystal embellishments. If you’re feeling crafty, you can put the extra touches on yourself by adhering rhinestones onto plain heels. You could add metallic or glitter touches using glitter or metallic spray paint on the heels of plain black pumps.


Dazzling Accessories

Trendy accessories are necessary for your night luxe ensemble. When you think of luxury, chances are you envision gemstones, gold, and high price tags. However, many affordable pieces look expensive but won’t drain your bank account.


Look for accessories with a lot of sparkle, whether necklaces, bracelets, rings, or hair claw clips. From cubic zirconia to crystal to rhinestones, many options offer the luxury look for a fraction of the price of high-end pieces. Know what you’re buying before you shell out the money. Don’t let anyone mislead you into thinking you’re getting the real deal if it’s fake.


The Iconic LBD

Few outfits are more versatile, stylish, and classic than a little black dress (LBD). It’s flattering on every woman, comes in an incredible array of styles, and works with a range of different accessories.


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When buying an LBD for your night luxe look, there are a few things to keep in mind. Considering its exceptional versatility, it’s usually an outfit you may want to pay a little more for to get the best quality. It can be the base of many different looks. Depending on what layers and accessories you add, you can wear an LBD throughout any season and to multiple gatherings. Think of it more as an investment piece than simply another item to add to your wardrobe.


Fierce Outfits

If you’re not feeling the LBD, you can wear numerous other fierce outfits for your night luxe look. For example, you can opt for a metallic romper, a bodycon dress, a midi dress, or a full jumpsuit. Sporting a fabulous outfit for the evening is as much about having confidence and feeling good as what you’re wearing. So, choose an ensemble you love.


Silk, Satin, and Leather: Oh My!

Whatever outfit you choose, make sure it’s composed of a fabric that looks expensive and high-quality. Silk, satin, and leather are a few options, as are velvet and glitter/sequined material.


Your outfit doesn’t necessarily have to be all one material, although that’s certainly an option. For example, you can wear a glitter blazer over a satin jumpsuit or a leather jacket over a silk LBD to juxtapose materials.


Polished Nails

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Chipped nail polish and half-bitten cuticles shouldn’t be a part of your night luxe look. If you would rather not go out to get your nails professionally done, it’s easier than ever to do nail care at home. You might be tempted to use cheap nail polish, but it won’t last long. Consider shelling out a little extra money to get a higher quality nail polish that won’t easily chip.


Sleek, Healthy Hair

It’s not just about the style of your hair but also how sleek and healthy it is. How often you need to go to your hairstylist depends on the condition of your hair and its cut. Make it a point to go as frequently as recommended by the person who knows your hair well.


While chatting with your hairstylist, ask for tips about how to better care for your hair at home. Common suggestions include not putting your hair in tight ponytails, avoiding too much heat styling, and cleaning your hairbrush or comb. You may also want to ask for recommendations about what deep conditioning masks, shampoos, and conditioners would be best for your tresses.


Beautiful Sparkle

Sparkle is a huge part of the night luxe look. It can be on your jewelry, footwear, or clothing. If you’re ready for a bold amount of sparkle, consider a sequined midi dress, blazer, or jumpsuit. A statement piece of authentic or costume jewelry could also add drama.


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For more low-key sparkle, consider clutches or footwear. Opt for a removable (or easily hideable) strap to get more versatility out of your clutch. This gives you multiple ways to use it, including over your shoulder, as a crossbody, or in your hand. It can work for a variety of ensembles.


Pick Your Night Luxe Basics

Rocking night luxe looks don’t have to be uncomfortable or expensive. Choosing interchangeable, high-quality basics can be a good start. Then, you can add sparkle and bling to elevate the look. Alternatively, you can select fun, fierce outfits. Eye-catching accessories, shoes, hair styling, and nails will finish the look whichever way you go. Bring your confidence, and you’ll be set for a fabulous night out.