How to Pick an Affordable Homecoming Dress You’ll Feel Confident Wearing

How to Pick an Affordable Homecoming Dress You’ll Feel Confident Wearing

How to Pick an Affordable Homecoming Dress You’ll Feel Confident Wearing

Meta-description: Homecoming is the first event of the school year, so you’ll want to be looking your best. In our guide, we break down how to find an affordable homecoming dress as well as how to pick out a dress you’ll love wearing. 

Homecoming is the warm-up event of the year. You’re just through the first couple weeks of classes and now you’re ready to celebrate being back and see how everyone has changed over the summer break. It’s the perfect opportunity to show your personal style and make a statement about who you’re going to be this year, so you’ll want to find the perfect dress.

Understandably though, you don’t want to blow all the money you earned at your summer job on an outfit for homecoming. Fortunately, you can make a statement without emptying your bank account. Here are some ideas for making your homecoming dress more affordable.

A Few Tips for Staying on Budget

It can be tempting to go all out and pick a dress way outside of your comfort zone, buying new accessories and shoes to go with it, but that might not be the best move if you’re trying to spend wisely. Instead, try to pick a dress that you feel good in and can pair with things you already have. 

Homecoming is a little less formal than prom, so you don’t have to go as big. A pair of black or nude heels is always appropriate and will go with any dress you choose. A fun pair of earrings or a sparkly hair clip will be all you need to complete the look.

Choosing a dress that can be styled in multiple ways is also a budget-friendly option. Instead of buying a dress for every formal, dance, or wedding you attend, have one or two in your closet that you can change up with different accessories for multiple occasions.

Picking the Right Dress for You

You want a dress that makes you feel fabulous and confident, so starting with the right silhouette helps you feature your favorite assets.

You’ll also want a dress that will make a bold statement on its own, without you needing to buy brand-new accessories to make it work. By picking one that compliments you well, you will also get more wear out of it. Here are some options that just might become your new go-to event dress.

Mermaid Dress

This figure-hugging style is perfect if you’re looking to show off a curvy shape, or just give the illusion of one if you aren’t naturally the curviest person. 

Short Cocktail Dress

While prom is usually more home to long, full skirts, homecoming is the perfect time for a flirty little cocktail dress. Make your legs look super long by pairing a short dress with nude heels.

Halter Neck Dress

Halter neck dresses are fun and sexy, without being too formal. They are also a great way to show off your shoulders -- an under-appreciated feature.

Backless Dress

A backless dress is the ultimate combination of very classy and very sexy. It gives an old-Hollywood vibe without feeling too buttoned-up. 


A formal jumpsuit is the ultimate avante-garde choice for events. It tells people that yes, you look great, and no, you don’t have to wear a dress to do it. 


Maybe you don’t want to wait until prom to let out your inner princess. Make a dramatic statement in a feminine full skirt that emphasizes your waist. 

Asymmetrical Dress

An asymmetrical dress is automatically interesting to look at-- our brains find it interesting. So if you want all eyes on you, try a look that features an asymmetrical top or skirt. 

Long Sleeve Dress

If you live in the north, nights may already be cold by the time homecoming rolls around. Or maybe you simply like the sleek look of a long sleeve. Either way, there are homecoming dresses that suit your preference. 

Empire Waist Dress

An empire waist dress is snuggest just under the bust, flaring out over your stomach and hips, making it a really comfortable option for dancing all night in. 

Looking Great on a Budget

It may sound cliche, but the best accessory to have with any outfit is confidence. By choosing a dress that fits well and showcases your favorite features, you can be fabulous without spending a ton of money. Buy a dress with re-wearability in mind and pair it with accessories you already have to get the most value out of your homecoming look.