How to Combine a Large Walk-In Shower and a Tub in Your Bathroom

How to Combine a Large Walk-In Shower and a Tub in Your Bathroom

A large walk-in shower and tub combination is an excellent way to have the best of both worlds in your bathroom. In one convenient and stylish space, you can have a spacious, luxurious shower as well as a relaxing and soothing tub.

However, creating a large walk in shower and tub combo can be challenging, especially if you have limited space or budget. You need to consider many factors, such as the design, the installation, the decoration, the accessibility, and the safety of your shower and tub area. 

Here are some insights on creating a stunning and functional bathroom with a large walk-in shower and tub combo.

Decorating a Large Walk-In Shower and Tub Area: Simple Tips

Decorating a large walk-in shower and tub area is essential to create an attractive, inviting, and harmonious space. Here's how to make it stylish and cozy:

Choose a color scheme

Select a color scheme that matches your style and preferences. Consider a neutral, monochromatic, or contrasting color scheme to establish the desired mood and ambiance. For a minimalist look, opt for white, gray, or beige. Alternatively, choose blue, green, or turquoise for a refreshing coastal feel.

Select tile patterns

Complement your color scheme and add interest and texture to the shower and tub area with carefully chosen tile patterns. Explore options like ceramic, porcelain, marble, or glass tiles. Experiment with shapes, sizes, and layouts like subway, hexagons, herringbone, or mosaic tiles.

Pick a suitable shower door

Enhance the appearance and functionality of your shower and tub area by selecting a shower door that matches your tile pattern. Consider options like sliding, hinged, pivot, bi-fold, or frameless doors. Each type offers unique advantages and disadvantages, so choose based on your space and preferences.

Choose the right tub

Ensure the tub fits your space and style preferences. Freestanding, alcove, drop-in, or corner tubs are popular options. Assess the advantages and disadvantages of each type based on your specific requirements.

Add stylish accessories

Incorporate accessories that provide style and comfort to your shower and tub area. Consider mats, curtains, mirrors, plants, candles, or artwork that align with your chosen theme and reflect your personality.

DIY Installation of a Large Walk-In Shower and Tub

When installing a large walk-in shower and tub combo, you can hire a professional contractor or tackle the project yourself if you possess the necessary skills and experience. However, it's important to note that installing a large walk-in shower and tub yourself can be challenging and potentially risky. 

It's essential to be prepared for the difficulties and potential hazards involved. Here's a simplified guide to help:

  • Plan carefully

Before starting the project, meticulously plan and measure your space to ensure adequate room for the shower and tub. Assess the compatibility of your plumbing and electrical systems with the fixtures you intend to install. Obtain the required permits and gather all the necessary tools, materials, and equipment.

  • Prepare your space

Clear the area by removing any existing fixtures, tiles, drywall, or flooring that may obstruct your new shower and tub area. Take precautions to safeguard surfaces that are not involved in the project from dust, debris, or damage.

  • Install the base

Prioritize the installation of the base before the fixtures. Choose a base that can support the weight of water and users, facilitate efficient drainage, and prevent leaks and mold growth. Ensure proper leveling and secure attachment to the floor.

  • Install the fixtures

Proceed to install the fixtures after the base is in place. Choose fixtures that are suitable for your space and align with your style preferences. Ensure correct connections and conduct thorough testing to identify any leaks or malfunctions.

  • Install the tiles

Once the fixtures are installed, focus on tiling. Select tiles that complement your chosen color scheme and pattern. Accurately cut the tiles and lay them evenly on the walls and floor.

  • Install the door

After laying the tiles, prioritize installing a door that matches your space and style. Ensure it is properly aligned and securely attached to both the wall and floor for a seamless finish.

  • Finish the project

Put the finishing touches on your project to achieve a polished outcome. This involves tasks like caulking, sealing, grouting, or painting. Pay attention to these details to enhance the overall appearance and functionality of your new walk-in shower and tub area.

Making Your Large Walk-In Shower and Tub Accessible and Safe

Creating an accessible and safe large walk in shower and tub area is crucial to ensure comfort and convenience for everyone, particularly individuals with mobility or disability issues. Here’s how to achieve accessibility and safety:

Choose a Curbless or low-threshold shower

Opt for a curbless or low-threshold shower design that eliminates the need to step over barriers when entering or exiting. This helps prevent trips, falls, and injuries. Consider adding a ramp or slope to facilitate a smoother transition.

Select an accessible walk-in tub

Choose a walk-in tub with a door that opens inward or outward to allow easy access. This feature minimizes the risk of slips, falls, and injuries. Additionally, consider installing a seat or bench to enhance comfort and relaxation during bathing.

Install grab bars or rails

Add grab bars or rails throughout the shower and tub area to provide support and stability. These fixtures assist with entering, exiting, and maneuvering in the space. Install them depending on your needs and preferences.

Incorporate non-slip mats or stickers

Enhance safety by incorporating non-slip mats or stickers in the shower and tub area. These additions provide traction and prevent slipping on wet surfaces. Place them strategically on the floor, walls, or fixtures to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Ensure adequate lighting

Install sufficient lighting to ensure proper illumination and visibility in the shower and tub area. Consider options such as recessed, pendant, sconce, or LED lighting based on your space and preferences. Incorporating dimmers or motion sensors allows for adjusting brightness and conserving energy.


A large walk-in shower and tub combo can transform your bathroom into a stunning and functional space, providing spacious luxury for showers and a relaxing experience in the tub. However, it can be challenging to create this combination, particularly with constraints like limited space or budget. Various factors, including design, installation, decoration, accessibility, and safety, must be carefully considered when planning your shower and tub area.