Choose Your Flip Flops Wisely with these Tips

Choose Your Flip Flops Wisely with these Tips

Choose Your Flip Flops Wisely with these Tips

Summer days are more often than not filled with everything we see in the movies. Great sunshine, exotic locations milling with sunbathers and laughter, and delicious tasting food platters and fruity-filled cocktails, but do you ever consider that the right footwear can essentially make or break what should be a great holiday trip?

We pay such close attention to our vacation wardrobe that we often forget we might be walking for a few hours exploring, or need to make our way over pebbly, shell-scattered beaches and stretches of sand which can make bare feet a nightmare, that footwear is a last thought. But it doesn’t need to be if you can find the right pair of simple slip-ons, made from high-quality material that will last, and ideally, look great dressed both up and down if possible. And this is where the iconic flip-flop ticks so many boxes, and they are easy to pack taking up minimal space in vacation luggage.

The issue is, people either go for the cheapest pair they can find thinking they won't use or need it again after the trip, or look for the most ‘fashionable’ without considering its comfort which will quickly become evident as the holiday progresses. Thus, making the right choice from the get-go will be your best friend and option, and with these quick tips, you will be wearing the best flops that won’t take away from your adventure. Let’s dive right in and look at the guide on how to choose the perfect pair of flip-flops.

Finding the right footwear 

Is a flip-flop ‘just’ a simple strappy sandal used by islanders around the world? In a sense, yes, but there is more to it than just simplicity and ease of wear. You need to think about how long you plan to wear them during the trip, whether will they be your only pair of footwear, do you need a neutral shade to work with many outfits, or are you looking for something more glam and functional to dress up a casual outfit. These top tips will guide you to finding the perfect flip-flop.

  •         Flexibility

The only place your flip-flop should bend when you try to fold it in half is the ball of the foot. Flops that can bend like a pretzel or a piece of paper are the last thing you want and foot fatigue will set in significantly quickly.

  •         Sizing

There is such a thing as too big or too small for flip-flops. Measure your foot from the top of the big toe to the heel of the foot for the correct size. Your toes should not hand over the front which can quickly get caught on edges and be stumped, nor should your heel hand over the back edge scraping on the floor and across sharp objects or worse, landing in an unknown liquid. No, thank you.

  •         Wear and tear

I don’t think many people do this until it is too late and that is checking your flip-flops for cracks, tears, and areas that look like they may fall apart very soon. Prevention is better than cure and making sure your flip-flops are still in proper working order is a must.

  •         Material

Synthetic materials are not your friend. Always look for the highest quality material you can budget for like cotton, linens, and leather. And if you manage to find the perfect pair of sparkly and glittery footwear in a top-quality material all the better, there is nothing better than a spectacular-looking pair of flip-flops to take a casual outfit up a level than when it feels great on your feet too.

  •         Durability

Preventing chaffing and rubbing is a top priority for footwear because when blisters start to appear you can be sure the trip will not be as pleasant as you hoped. You may be walking over rocks, in rock pools even, or across pebbled walkways and stretches of beach, look for footwear (even if it’s flip-flops) that are reasonably thick and strong enough to withstand many miles, and ideally offer support to either the ankle or archway.

While you can always opt for a pair of flip-flops, or any footwear for that matter, that appeals to you the most, whether it be out of popularity for the item or simply the aesthetic appeal factor, you want to choose with quality in mind.

Specific brands may be the latest in the fashion industry but not necessarily the most durable or comfortable, and this is where too many people find their downfall. However, with these tips and guidelines, you are sure to be making more sound purchasing decisions this upcoming holiday season when the time comes to packing your luggage, and this will only make your beach vacation that much better. Because when it comes to stepping off that plane and the holiday heat hits you with a welcome you embrace, you want it to be a comfortable one (right?).