Benefits Of Putting Mats If You Are A Golfer

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Benefits Of Putting Mats If You Are A Golfer

For those unfamiliar, a putting mat is a specialized piece of sports equipment designed for golf enthusiasts. It serves as both a training aid and a convenient practice tool, aiding golfers in mastering the art of putting. 

For a beginner, indoor putting mats might appear as just another piece of sports equipment. But for an avid golfer, it's a game-changer. 

Many golfers find it challenging to spare the time for a trip to the practice green, especially amidst bustling schedules. This is where the indoor putting mat shines as a solution. 

In this blog post, we will be discussing the advantages of getting putting mats and which is the best indoor putting mat for you. 

Top 5 Benefits of Putting Mats for a Golfer

1. Consistent Practice for a Perfect Stroke

Any golfer understands the essence of regular practice to refine skills, and when it comes to golf. Nearly half of your shots emerge from the putting mats and that's a massive chunk of your performance! 

The best putting mats facilitate a consistent environment to develop and refine your stroke. How? Without needing to hit the course, the best putting green for home use can be your secret weapon. 

By investing in the best home putting mats, golfers can embrace the repetition necessary for improvement. Every time you walk into your living space, spending just a few minutes on the best home indoor putting green can make a substantial difference to your game.

2. Year-round training, Unaffected by Weather

The best indoor putting mats allow you to practice regardless of the weather conditions outside. With a putting mat, you will remain unbothered by the rain, the harsh winter cold, or even the scorching heat. 

Especially for golfers living in unpredictable or colder climates, the top indoor putting greens present a reliable solution. It becomes the best in-house putting green, ensuring that you never miss a day of practice.

3. Cost-effective Solution with Minimal Maintenance

Maintenance of an outdoor putting green can be tedious and often expensive. With the best indoor putting green for your home, not only do you save on those costs, but you also avoid the regular hassle. 

No need for mowing, watering, or chemical treatments. Just roll out your mat, and you're ready to go! 

And while the initial investment might seem significant, when you consider its durability and the savings in terms of time and other maintenance costs, it's undeniably worth it.

4. Sociable and Beginner-Friendly

One of the less discussed benefits of having the best home golf putting green is the sociable environment it can create. It becomes a fun and engaging activity that friends and family can enjoy together.

Golf can indeed be intimidating for beginners, with its intricate rules and expected etiquette. Putting mats offer a relaxed, pressure-free setting for beginners to get a feel for the game. 

5. Enhanced Focus on Short Game

With the distractions of the driving range or other players removed, the best golf putting green setup at home can provide a concentrated environment to hone your short game. 

This isolation allows golfers, especially beginners, to practice at their own pace, take breaks, and deeply analyze their technique without feeling rushed or watched. Over time, this focused practice can significantly improve accuracy and consistency on the putting green.

How To Choose The Best Golf Putting Green Mats For Yourself  

When it comes to choosing the best putting mats, the choices are vast. Consider the following factors to ensure you invest in the best home golf putting green for your needs:

1. Putting Surface Quality:

The cornerstone of the best putting greens is the quality of the putting surface. Inferior mats, often made of unsuitable materials, don't reproduce the feel or roll of a real golf green. 

In contrast, the best home indoor putting greens not only provide a genuine roll but also closely resemble the texture and feel of an authentic green. 

An essential indicator to consider is the stimp rating – which measures the green's speed. Aim for a putting mat that aligns with the stimp measurement of your preferred course, ensuring consistency between practice and play.

2. Size:

Size is vital when selecting the best in-house putting green. Larger mats, ranging between 16ft to 30ft, allow players to practice a variety of putt lengths and angles. 

This range is ideal for amateur players, as practicing from these distances can significantly reduce 3-putts – a common area of lost strokes for many. 

However, if you're limited in space, numerous compact mats cater to tighter spaces without sacrificing quality. While these smaller mats focus on short putts, mastering these distances can substantially improve your overall putting game.

3. Storage and Durability:

The best home indoor putting greens aren't just about performance on the green; it's also about convenience off it. Many golfers will occasionally need to store their mats. 

Therefore, a mat that rolls up snugly and is transport-friendly is a boon, especially if you're someone who likes to take their practice on the go. 

Moreover, frequent rolling and unrolling demand durability. Invest in a robust and long-lasting mat to ensure it serves you for years to come.

4. Features:

Various features, from grid markings for alignment to simulated breaks, enhance the practice experience on the putting mats. While some golfers find these guides beneficial, others might find them distracting. It's essential to strike a balance. 

While added challenges like 'bunkers' or 'hazards' might make practice sessions engaging, it's crucial that these features don't drift too far from real-course scenarios. Always prioritize a mat that mirrors actual green conditions in terms of speed and inclines.

5. Price / Value for Money:

Lastly, the cost is invariably a deciding factor. While some premium mats can be pricey, there are several fantastic options available around the $100 range. 

However, be wary of extremely cheap mats like those below $50 as they often compromise on surface quality. It's not always about finding the cheapest or the most expensive option, but rather the one that offers the best value for your money and fits your needs.


Finding the best indoor putting green for your needs can dramatically enhance your golfing skills. As we've explored, these mats are not just convenient; they are instrumental in refining your putting stroke. 

Each time you invest in practicing on these mats, you're inching closer to perfection. By investing in the best putting mats, you're not just purchasing a training aid, but securing a tool that could redefine your golfing experience.