A Quick Guide to Successfully Advertising Supplements and Diet Products! Increase your sales by 35% or more!

A Quick Guide to Successfully Advertising Supplements and Diet Products! Increase your sales by 35% or more!

The best-selling products on the global market are supplements of various types – weight loss, detox, varicose veins, prostate problems, hypertension, diabetes… It means that the competition is very high, but don’t worry! There is enough space for everyone, and if you get your marketing strategy right, you can get rich by selling supplements, too.

In the following article, we will show you how to:

  • Write a good sales copy and what to do if you are not a good writer.
  • How to get as many users as possible to read your copy and thus get a bunch of new customers?
  • How much money do you need for this type of advertising (it’s much less than what you are currently investing in marketing campaigns).

Let’s begin this lesson with a question – Do you know what content advertising is?

Classic advertising, like social networks, television, radio, etc., gives increasingly poor results. Advertisers must invest more money to maintain sales. The reason is that people just don’t like ads.

You probably don’t like to be bombarded with ads too, right?

However, if you put some creativity into your marketing, and provide useful information, you can attract the audience’s attention. Well, you can easily do that through fun and engaging content, like a promo article. But good promo article!

What do you mean by a good promo article?

Here’s the thing! If you start your promo article with a bunch of info about your product, you are not much different from standard advertisements. Users will read the first few sentences, and that’s it. 

Therefore, divide the text into several stages. Here are a few examples:

Copy for weight loss supplements

In general, the most successful articles are written from personal experience. It can be the experience of a famous blogger, a satisfied customer, etc. Just make sure that the article has these stages:

  • Hit the user’s emotion, and make them identify with the problem. Example: I weighed 120kg, I couldn’t wear anything, I had no energy, and my health was bad.
  • Users can slowly discover your product as a solution to their problem. Example: I met a school friend whom we called Chubby. She lost a lot of weight and looks like a model. I asked her what’s her secret and she told me she drinks “Slim” tea every day.
  • List the health benefits of your product. Example: These are all-natural ingredients, tea has plenty of vitamins, and there are no artificial chemicals that damage the liver.
  • Mention the result, like how much weight the protagonist has lost. Insert pictures before and after. Mention the health benefits such as more energy, no load on the joints, reduced cholesterol, and good looks.

At the very beginning of the text, the reader must identify with the protagonist of your article “This is me, I also feel fat and useless”. To be a little envious of the story’s protagonist and of course at the end to want to take matters into their own hands and achieve the same result.

Your product simply imposes itself as the closest possible solution because, at that moment, the user doesn’t have any other offers. This way, you can advertise other beauty and health products, like hair growth supplements, rejuvenating creams, anti-cellulite products, etc.

Copy for joint supplements

How do you feel like playing a journalist? It would be good to interview an expert who will talk about joint problems.

The first step is also to talk about the problem itself. The more you write about the pain and inability to move, the better. Write how patients are tossing and turning in bed during the night, as well as the inability to devote themselves to daily activities.

An expert can talk about the consequences of painful joints as well as the reasons why the joints hurt so that the users have an insight into why this problem happened to them.

In the next phase, you can talk about natural remedies for treating painful joints and list the exact ingredients that are in the supplement you’re advertising. Then, mention your product as the perfect solution for joints because it contains all the right ingredients.

If you can’t find a doctor to interview, you can also ask a fitness instructor or physical therapist. Maybe even an athlete, whose sport stresses the joints. They are also experts who understand the subject. Some will probably agree to an interview in exchange for a small advertisement in the text, such as: “Physiotherapist Neil Davison from “Davison” clinic says that painful joints are a common problem today…”

It’s best to advertise health-related products through an interview with an expert. Except for joint supplements, in this way, you can also advertise other health products, like varicose vein creams, anti-fungal products, diabetes and hypertension supplements, etc.

The product can also be presented through a classic article, where you will write about the supplement itself

Just follow the stages of writing that we mentioned in previous examples. First of all, it is necessary to talk about the problem itself and the terrible consequences that this problem creates.

In the next part, you can mention the product but immediately move on to the quality ingredients that the product offers. So the emphasis is on vitamins and excellent ingredients that alleviate health problems.

It’s always good to insert expert opinions and/or positive user comments (in this case you can insert screenshots from social media).

At the very end, of course, you must explain to the users where they can buy the product. Then tell them directly to buy your product:

  • WRONG: If you want to order, click here.
  • CORRECT: Buy the product now!

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to point out that the offer is limited, that only your readers have a discount but only if they order by the end of the day, etc. Create a sense of urgency because even if the reader intends to buy the product and leaves the promo article without placing an order, you’ve done nothing. He will cool down after a few minutes and forget that he ever intended to buy anything from you.

Of course, you can combine all these methods!

But before you start writing, define this!

Do you know who your target audience is? If you’re selling slimming tea, it’s certainly not a fitness instructor with 0.0005% body fat.

Only when you define your customers, if you know their age, how they feel, and what is currently going on in their lives, you can start writing text and choosing images for your article. 

The beginning of the article is the most important. The reader should identify with the problem and say “Yes, this is me, and I have these problems.”

The ending of the article is crucial and often decides whether the reader will buy your product!

In the previous part of the text, we mentioned how important the call to action is, that is, to invite the customer to buy your product. We mentioned that the reader will be attracted by the limited offer or discount only for special users.

Try to simplify the ordering process. Most advertisers put links to their online store, and that’s fine. We advise you to simplify this step even more.

The order form at the bottom of the text will make things much easier and speed up the customer’s decision to order your product!

What if I don’t know how to write a promo article?

We understand that not everyone can write a good sales copy and that this is the hardest part of the job. The Ad Nativia advertising platform has its own copywriting team that can write you the article that actually sells. For more information, write them to contact@adnativia.com!

Already have a good sales copy? That’s great!!! But, believe it or not, it’s not enough to just publish the article!

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