A Fashionista’s Guide to Bedroom Storage

A Fashionista’s Guide to Bedroom Storage

A Fashionista’s Guide to Bedroom Storage

A lack of storage is every fashionista’s biggest problem. As much as you adore clothing, you might struggle to find the space to store beautiful garments, footwear, and accessories. 

If this sounds like you, a few small or big changes could make a dramatic difference to your home’s organization, interior, and daily life. 

Stop pushing items back into your wardrobe and start transforming your interior. Check out this fashionista’s guide to bedroom storage.

Built In Wardrobes are Your Best Friend

Make no mistake, built in wardrobes are your best friend in a bedroom. A made-to-measure closet will look like it has always belonged in the space, ensuring your bedroom has the wow factor from the moment you step inside. 

The biggest benefit of all is the amount of storage it will provide and the organization it will bring to your life.

No longer will you need to search through endless piles of clothing or racks of tops and dresses to find what you are looking for each day. 

You will have ample space to store the most stylish looks, allowing you to focus your energy on crafting an eye-catching outfit.

Also, you can work with a bedroom designer to create a bespoke wardrobe that suits your every need. Dressing will never have been so fun.

Add a Walk-in Wardrobe

If you have an extra-large bedroom with much floor space going to waste, create a more luxe and functional environment by adding a walk-in wardrobe.

Unfortunately, it isn’t an option for everyone. Still, it is ideal if you live in a large property, as you can separate the soothing space from your extensive clothing storage.

It is a fashionista’s dream that will allow you to organize your clothing, shoes, jewelry, and accessories in an attractive space.

It is bound to give your bedroom the wow factor, and you will love spending time trying on new and old looks at your leisure. Plus, a walk-in wardrobe could even add significant value to your home. 

Place Magic Hangersin Your Wardrobe

If you haven’t already done so, it is time to add space-saving magic hangers to your wardrobe. 

The handy items will store your clothing horizontally and vertically to maximize every inch of space.

As a result, you can add more clothing to your wardrobe without worrying about destroying its organization.

Plus, it will free up rail space for storing heavier clothing, such as a winter coat or long dresses.

Make Use of Dead Space

Most people are wasting precious space in their homes, including inside their bedrooms. 

For example, you might have ample room for storing footwear, hats, scarves, or other accessories underneath your bed. If so, consider adding trundle drawers, or buy a bed with built-in trundles to better use the dead space. 

You could even add handy wicker storage baskets inside to neatly organize your belongings. It will reduce clutter inside your bedroom and ensure every item has its place.

Add a Blanket Box to the Foot of the Bed

A blanket box is another attractive and handy storage solution that could transform the look and feel of your bedroom. 

Place the furniture at the foot of the bed to create a stylish, inviting space that provides easy access to various belongings, such as an umbrella, laptop case, bed linens, or out-of-season clothing. You will wonder how you lived without it.

Display This Week’s Outfits on a Clothing Rack

Make dressing a breeze by displaying this week’s outfits on a clothing rack. It will allow you to enjoy the beauty of your clothing at your leisure, and you can even make various changes in advance to ensure you appear impeccably dressed day after day.

Different clothing rack options, such as a single or double clothes rack, are available to match your needs. 

If you don’t want people to look at your clothing when they step inside the room, you could hide the garments away with an elegant room divider, which will double as a changing area when you have company.

Add Over-the-Door Storage

Over-the-door storage is an ideal way to grab essential items on the go, which will make dressing for work or a social event much easier.

For example, it could be an ideal place to store an everyday coat, an umbrella, or your favorite hat, which you can grab as you slip out the bedroom door.

Various designs are available to complement your interior design, taste, and storage needs.

Alternatively, you could add an over-the-door full-length mirror to quickly review an outfit before leaving the home, which might be perfect if you don’t have much wall space.

Treat Yourself to an Ottoman Bed

If you are tired of your current bed and fancy a change, you could always treat yourself to an ottoman bed that complements your interior design.

It will appear like a standard bed to any guests who step inside your bedroom, but you can lift the mattress to store and access various items, such as thick sweatshirts, extra towels, bed linen, seasonal items, extra footwear, and more.

Buy Stylish Underbed Storage Bags

If you don’t have the desire or budget to change your bed right now, you might prefer to introduce under-bed storage bags into your bedroom.

You might think the storage solutions sound less than luxurious, but many popular brands have created attractive designs to complement your interior design and style.

For example, Cath Kidston and The White Company have a range of pretty under-bed storage bags that are ideal for storing out-of-season clothing, spare bedding, and more.


Good storage solutions are a must-have for passionate fashionistas, as they could transform your lifestyle and interior.

Make crafting a stylish outfit much easier by making various improvements to your bedroom, from installing made-to-measure wardrobes to increase storage to adding helpful accessories to create a more organized space, such as under-bed storage or blanket boxes.

Also, find clever ways to maximize existing space in your wardrobes and drawers, such as incorporating attractive storage boxes or using magic hangers.