5 Must-Haves for a Boat Trip on the Na Pali Coast

5 Must-Haves for a Boat Trip on the Na Pali Coast

5 Must-Haves for a Boat Trip on the Na Pali Coast

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Na Pali is the place to go if you're looking to give your mind, body, and soul an unforgettable treat. This Hawaiian paradise will have you turning your neck on every street or waterway. The best part of Na Pali is the water. Tourists who have been on a Na Pali Coast boat tour say that there is no better experience.

If you're preparing for a trip to this haven, you need to ensure you're well prepared to enjoy all it has to offer. We've compiled a list of five must-haves every Na Pali holidayer should have in place during their trip.

Sun Protection

The sun in Hawaii can be intense. Be sure to pack sun-safety gear that'll keep you safe from the rays of the sun during your trip. This can include sunscreen with high SPF and sunglasses with UV protection. Also, whether you're a fashionista or not, you should consider getting a few wide-brimmed hats. They will protect your eyes and upper body.

If your skin is super sensitive to the sun, consider asking your dermatologist for recommendations before you embark on this trip. You sure don't want to be asked to 'sit this one out' when the group is headed out for some outside fun (in Na Pali, there's a lot of outside fun).


It sounds crazy being asked to bring water to a boat cruise, but we don't mean eating for the boat. The water's for you.

You need to be sufficiently hydrated, especially when the sun is up high. If you're a heavy sweater, you'll need more water than usual. 

Water will give you energy all through and reduce your chances of seasickness. Also, studies show that a hydrated body is likely to have more pleasurable experiences.

Also, there's a chance you may not get access to enough drinkable water while on your trip. Some low-budget hotels will offer you tap water (this is never a good thing for those with weak stomachs).

Be sure to stock up on bottled water before you lodge at your hotel. You'll surely find supermarkets to buy from.

Appropriate Clothing

Pack clothes that are appropriate for the time of year. If you're going to be out on the water a lot, opt for moisture-wicking clothing. You might also want to bring a swimsuit if you plan on taking a dip in the ocean. A light jacket or windbreaker can be handy as conditions on the water can change.

Even if the water doesn't entice you much, opt for lightweight clothes that are breathable.


You should invest in footwear that'll give you good grip and protection on and off the boat. You don't want shoes that'll have you falling every now and then. Non-slip, closed-toe shoes or water shoes are ideal for boat trips.


Needless to say, a camera is a necessity for every boat trip, especially in Na Pali, where there are more phenomenal sights than your eye can take in.

Bring a camera along so you can capture the enchanting beauty of Na Pali's rugged shoreline. You'll run into dramatic cliffs, lush valleys, and pristine beaches that you must not forget to take pictures of.

The azure waters under your boat are also a good addition to your collection. If you're bold enough to get into the water, you'll meet marine life that'll make you appreciate the wonders of creation.

Your best option would be to bring a camera that's waterproof. Even if you don't get into the water, you're likely to be splashed by seawater. 

Wrapping Up

Na Pali is one of the reasons Hawaii is considered the best honeymoon state in the US. You and your partner will have an amazing time bonding over the different wonders nature has made available.

Even if you're a party of one, you can fully tap into the magical beauty of this Hawaiian gem. Be sure that you're well-equipped for this adventure before you embark on it.