4 Natural Eyelash Extension Styles to Enhance Your Eyes

4 Natural Eyelash Extension Styles to Enhance Your Eyes

Eyelash extensions allow you to enhance your eyes in subtle yet stunning ways. Rather than an over-the-top, artificial look, today’s lash styles create defined, fluttery eyes that still appear natural. Here are 4 beautiful extension styles to accentuate your eyes.

1.       The Natural Look

As the name implies, the “natural” style aims for enhanced eyes that don’t appear obviously embellished. The technician selects lashes only slightly longer and fuller than your natural set. This will help achieve a subtle yet stunning look with natural eyelash extensions. These are strategically placed similar to your native lash pattern and direction of growth. The result is eyes that look awake and lovely, but not dramatically altered. It’s a delicate boost of volume for everyday wear. This style works well for lash newbies nervous about an overly done appearance.

2.       The Cat Eye

Cat eye lashes fan out fuller and longer toward the outer corners. This mimics a mini cat-eye liner effect, elongating eyes for a subtle lift. The artist applies shorter lashes toward the inner corners, then increases length progressively as they work outward. It’s a graduated volume that can add flirtiness while still seeming natural. The cat eye style beautifully complements eyes that are closer set, elongating the shape. For wide set or round eyes, a reverse cat eye with longer interior lashes can help balance proportions.

3.       The Bombshell

The bombshell creates seriously full, ultra-glam lashes with a pin-up vibe. The lashes applied are much longer and fuller than your natural hairs. Volume builds dramatically from root to tip for maximum impact. Expect lushly feathered falsie-worthy lashes, but without the annoying daily glue application. The bombshell style demands confidence to pull off, but creates next-level seductive eyes for evenings out or whenever you want to channel your inner Jessica Rabbit. It walks the line between natural and dramatic.

4.       The Doll Eye

Another cute eyelash extension style is the doll eye. As the name hints, this aims to create a wide-eyed, doe-eyed circle shape like a porcelain doll. The technician applies very full volume lashes of the same length across the entire lash line. This gives the impression of big, rounded anime eyes. Unlike the cat eye, all lashes are uniform in length for that cute circle shape. Those with smaller, deep set eyes can achieve an innocent doll eye look with this technique. For larger eyes, adjusted proportions may be needed to avoid too much width.

Choosing the Right Style

The best extension style for you depends on your natural lashes, eye shape, and personal style. During your consultation, communicate your goals clearly. Show pictures of styles and celebrities with lash looks you admire. Be sure you like the technician’s portfolio examples too. This allows them to recommend the ideal extensions to complement your features and desired aesthetic. A bombshell style may overpower smaller eyes, while subtle extensions could get lost on larger eyes. The right stylist listens and analyzes your eyes to craft a customized set. With the perfect extensions tailored to your needs, you can flutter those enhanced peepers with confidence!

Getting eyelash extensions doesn’t mean committing to an ultra-glam appearance at all times. Today’s natural styles are meant to enhance your eyes in soft, flattering ways. Discuss your lifestyle needs and preferences with a stylist to achieve extensions that feel beautiful yet completely wearable for work, play and everything in between. Flaunt those flawless feathery lashes!