Why Should You Wear a Satin Gown?

Why Should You Wear a Satin Gown?

Why Should You Wear a Satin Gown?

Satin is a silky soft, lustrous material that brings a delicate, sheeny look to the cut of any dress. Whether you are searching for the infamous 90s slip dress, a statement satin gown for a formal affair or for a unique style that you can get creative with for any occasion, keep reading for everything you need to know about the iconic satin dress. 

What is satin? 

Satin is a silky fabric blend that brings all the comfort, beauty and feel of silk without the high price task or the tasking care instructions. The blend in this weave brings a stunning drape that creates an eye-catching, glamorous look that is suited to warmer weather and delicate enough for layering with in the cooler months, too. As it is more resilient than silk, this also means that the gown will last in your wardrobe for countless years and wears to come. 

Why wear a satin dress?

If you are looking to style a sleek and glamorous ensemble, then there are few choices more suited than a beautiful satin dress. Satin introduces an effortlessly luxurious feel that will elevate all cuts and silhouettes. Aside from the look, satin is also fit for wearing all year round with the right accessories and styling choices, making a satin dress a wise investment if you are searching for a piece you can wear and love season in and season out. You can also pair the look back with more casual pieces such as denim jackets, leather or oversized blazers to make your piece work for day and night. Simply swap your off-duty footwear for heels and add statement adornments for an instantly stunning evening look you can take to any high-level affair. 

Satin dress ideas 

Consider these satin dress styles for your next purchase, whatever the occasion: 

A satin cowl neck 

The cowl neck carries all the glamour of old Hollywood, look for a gown with a draped neckline in a plunging V-shape with a fitted bodice and a figure hugging skirt for a beautiful look that does all the styling work for you. A gown with a side leg split will introduce an alluring modern edge perfect for weddings, formal parties or cocktail hour.

The two-piece set 

Amp up the impact of the feminine, shining satin of your piece by choosing a coordinating two-piece set. A sweeping maxi dress cut to the bias met with a torso-skimming crop with an asymmetrical neckline and a dramatically extended sleeve will strike a serious impression at any event. Keep your accessories minimal to let the statement feel of your chic co-ord take centre stage.

Photo: Alamour The Label

Gentle contrasts

One of the best things about satin dresses is that they also blend harmoniously with other textiles and finishes. Look to a mermaid-cut satin dress with an artful lace neckline for a beautiful contrast that is both classic and creative. Contrasting tones such as black and cream will highlight the textural intrigue of your piece even further.