What You Need to Know About a Wireless Recovery Device 

What You Need to Know About a Wireless Recovery Device 

How Wireless Recovery Device Helps You Track Vehicle’s Location

A wireless recovery device is a theft recovery system that lets you track your vehicle’s location. This device is intended for consumers but is also valuable for dealerships and fleet owners. With the wireless recovery device, you can easily share your vehicle’s location with law enforcement so that they can locate it more quickly. You can also get alerts when your car moves, which can significantly benefit you when your vehicle is stolen. 

A recovery device is a battery-powered, standalone GPS tracking device that tracks the location of your car, truck, or motorcycle using GPS. The device communicates its location through several cellular networks and Wi-Fi networks. It will work much better if you have a plan similar to the Cox internet plans for your recovery device to connect and work smoothly. The device is small and easy to install – it’s about the size of a cell phone. 

Here are some of the things to know about wireless recovery devices: 

#1. Connects to a Vehicle’s Electrical System 

Theft recovery devices have been wired and connected to the vehicle’s electrical system. They were spliced into the vehicle’s wiring or connected to its onboard diagnostics port. These systems are both problematic for consumers and dealers alike. But there are many benefits of using a recovery device in vehicles. If you own a vehicle or a stolen asset, installing a wireless recovery device can help you feel safer about the theft. 

These devices utilize GPS technology and telematics to track the vehicle and deliver information to the owner. Also, these are impossible to remove, which makes it more difficult for thieves to steal your property. Moreover, wireless recovery devices are expensive to install in vehicles. In addition to being expensive, they require specialized knowledge and technical expertise to install. Wireless solutions eliminate these challenges and are less intrusive than hardwired solutions. 

#2. Reduces Costs and Offers Multiple Benefits 

The wireless recovery device is available in different configurations and offers dealers multiple benefits. It can be a management tool that gives dealerships up-to-date inventory information and reduces garage keepers’ insurance costs. It can also lower insurance premiums because faster-recovered vehicles usually require less repair. It is a wireless theft recovery device with many benefits. The device is compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones.  

#3. Connects to a Mobile Phone 

The best thing about a wireless recovery device is connecting it to your mobile phone for tracking purposes. It’s essential to have a good connection for file transfer since a poor connection can make the process difficult. When using the wireless recovery device, ensure the phone’s battery level is full and connected to the wireless network. The device will ask you to enter an access point name. Some mobile phones allow you to leave this field blank, while others require you to use IPv4/IPv6. 

#4. Installs Anywhere Easily 

A recovery device can be installed anywhere. It is small and wireless, meaning it can be placed easily. It works from its battery, unlike wired systems, which must be installed in specific locations. These wired systems are thieves’ easy targets and can invalidate service agreements. Another benefit of using a recovery device is that it’s compatible with many vehicles. In addition to being a practical anti-theft device, it can also protect the dealership from lawsuits and unauthorized sales. 


A wireless recovery device is a technology that can help you find your stolen car. Unlike previous theft prevention devices that required wiring to function, a wireless recovery device can be easily installed on your car or another mobile asset. Its ultra-low power consumption means it can operate on one battery for five years. The Wireless recovery device system with theft recovery and lot management features can improve efficiency and speed up sales. It can also lower garage keepers’ insurance costs, help protect customers from increasing vehicle theft and improve their dealership’s efficiency. It will also decrease the dealership’s time to sell a vehicle. There are many types of wireless recovery devices so if you need one, choose according to your requirements.  

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