Ways to Style Wedge Sneakers with Different Outfits

Ways to Style Wedge Sneakers with Different Outfits

Ways to Style Wedge Sneakers with Different Outfits

When we talk about seasonless footwear, out of all women’s sneakers, wedge sneakers are a single hybrid each woman must have in her cupboard. Not only will they make you appear taller, but they also enhance any outfit.

If you are speculating how to style these sneakers, you are doing good. Consider it or not, this shoe style is more ingenuous than it looks, with never-ending outfit combinations for all occasions. You may be inspired by beautiful clothes with sneakers or even how to style sneakers with jeans, so you will always have endless styles while wearing these. 

Let us begin with a few ways you can look stylish with these sneakers.

Tips to Wear Wedge Sneakers for Any Occasion

Like high-flown trainers, but not sure what to style them with? Here, we will discuss how to wear wedge sneakers in diverse ways.

Be Casual in Jeans

The essence of denim and sneakers is that both do not have any season—you can wear them all through the year, no matter what the weather, with almost endless attire. And with sneaker wedges, you are just increasing height by a few inches. Not to say, the wedge heel makes it easy to style with many clothes.

Even if you choose skinny, wide-leg, flared, high-rise, boyfriend jeans, cropped, relaxed, or bugged jeans, you have got tons of styling prospects. In the winter and fall, style a button-down or a bulky sweater, and in the warmer seasons, put on a simple t-shirt or crop top for a more casual appearance.


What Sneakers Will Go Best with Jeans?

You truly cannot give amiss with wedges and jeans. You will like the look of platform sneakers for a shiny yet sporty vibe, in addition to waterproof sneaker boots when worn in cold or wet weather.

Flaunt Your Ankle in Cropped Pants

As the name suggests, ankle boots bring attention to your ankles. By keeping this in mind, you might think of adorning cropped pants with sneaker booties to expose your legs.

Taking into account you have a few inches of skin show, almost any trouser style will do. Skin-fit pants appear great with baggy shirts, while breezy fits pair effectively with somewhat tighter tops.

What Sneakers Match Cropped Pants?

Suede or leather wedges are a great option for this type of clothing style. Padded wedge booties are a remarkably good selection as well, specifically if you have a plan for strolling the city.

Show Your Figure in a Maxi Dress

Women of all sizes and shapes have an endless affection for maxi dresses. Maybe the best part about an extended flowy dress, furthermore, is that it is a full outfit in one. Only get into some wedges, style a jacket if required, and you are the best at your part.

What Sneakers will Match a Maxi Dress?

The look of platform espadrilles sneakers with maxi dresses is appealing. For something more dainty, you may like to enrobe a beautiful pair of wedge booties.

Look Refined in a Skirt

Can you slip on wedge sneakers to work, a job interview, a networking advent, or another professional place? Go for a midi cut, for example, a pencil skirt, an A-line skirt, or a pleated one. Then go with a blouse, bodysuit, mock-neck, or a fitted tee on top. Or, you can even wear sneakers wedged with a skirt for a summer night.


What Sneakers Match with Skirts?

You can go with basic platform booties, leather closed-toe wedges, or sneakered lace-up wedge boots for getting more edge.

Stay Cool in Leggings

Wedge sneakers and leggings are amongst the finest modern looks for the ladies. This laid-back combination matches the best with something long, loosely fitted tops. Think about arced sweaters, covered blouses, additionally long cardigans, and bulky button-downs.

What Sneakers Will Support Leggings?

Wedge lace-up booties are an outstanding choice in the winter and fall, providing a rugged sense and warmth where you require it. For something a bit silky but still practical, go with platform Chelsea boots.

Enter the Athleisure World

From jogger sets and yoga pants to performance tanks and running tights, athleisure clothing looks to be taking a lasting place in the women's fashion world. We are grateful that you can mix regular streetwear with athletic apparel, such as cable-knit sweaters, denim jackets, and wedge sneakers.

What Sneakers to Wear with Athleisure?

When it is about athleisure, you cannot go wrong with a pair of weatherized boot’s sneakers. Moreover, platform lace-ups with a low-top bend into the sporty feel while enhancing your look.

Adorning Midi skirt with Wedge Sneakers

This is one of the go-to looks for different occasions. We think a midi skirt is an effective way to appear cute when being casual. You can wear sneakers wedged with it to extend your legs. This will be a considerable daytime look to have fun outside and running chores, a first casual date appearance, or discover a new town.

Adorable Black Blazer with Grey T-shirt with High Top Sneakers

To attain a stylish and grown-up look that you can get for work, here is a good idea for you. Put on a gray T-shirt inside a black blazer and a printed scarf for the top. Match them with a pair of gray skin-fit ankle jeans and black sneakers wedge to finish the look in an obscured yet polished way.

Floral Printed Sweater with Leather Black Leggings & Sneakers

This dress offers a very appealing business casual look. For the top, you can dress up with a white and red floral print fitted woven sweater. Match them with black leather skinny pants. At last, go with a pair of black sneakers wedge to appear tall and as usual.


Wedge sneakers for women are adored for their range and number of colors, styles, and capability to comfortably increase your height. Because of their huge versatility, this footwear can be worn to improve a casual outfit or play down a more formal look. If you need more style inspiration, you can see the catalog at NovoShoes AU.