Ubtan Soap- The Ancient Indian Glowing Skin Secret

Ubtan Soap- The Ancient Indian Glowing Skin Secret

If you are obsessed with your skincare routine but are too busy to follow all the steps regularly, then Ubtan soap is made to resolve all your problems. It’s known that an ancient Indian queen’s secret for a natural glow is Ubtan!  But first, what is Ubtan? Selected Ayurvedic herbs were mixed to create a paste, to give a fresh glow to one’s complexion. Traditionally Indian beauty values expected women to have thick long hair and expressive features, therefore Ubtan was prepared very carefully to meet their beauty standards. The key ingredient of ubtan is multani-mitti, a naturally derived clay. The clay is mixed with antibacterial herbs and vitamins to form a paste, hence known as Ubtan.

How is Ubtan soap similar to the Ubtan paste?

Well, Ubtan paste was used widely as a face mask back in the time. The key ingredient would either be multani-mitti or besan, both are known as natural gentle exfoliators. Other ingredients i.e. turmeric, sandalwood, or saffron were added in small amounts alternatively. All of these ingredients used were rich in antioxidants and vitamins. To apply this mixture evenly Rosewater or Milk was poured to make it a thick paste. This recipe is still prepared in many households in India and does wonders! In the world of fast-paced people, it is difficult to cope with work and skincare routine. Similarly, Ubtan organic soap has been introduced to make your skin shine naturally just like an Indian goddess. Ubtan soap in modern times is made using a mixture of Multani mitti, turmeric, and botanical essential oils to keep soap chemical-free and traditional. Ubtan soap consists of a natural ingredient that provides the same hydration and glow as ubtan paste. Further, we will discuss more advantages we get from using Ubtan body soap.

Benefits of using Ubtan soap by natural splash

We learned the importance of Ubtan in both old and modern times and the methods of preparation. Now we are about to tell you the more advantages of organic soap by natural splash, which will make you believe in the real magic of Ubtan soap. 

  • Prevents Anti-Ageing

Ubtan body soap has another significant ingredient, Turmeric. It has the power of antifungal and vitamin E. Considered to help prevent skin aging. Turmeric is known to reduce wrinkles and is also applied to heal wounds. The power of healing helps our skin to heal from breakouts and makes it appear younger.

  • Cooling Agent

It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or spring, our skin needs to relax at the end of the day from all the pollution and humidity. We often face skin dryness and expanded pores, to prevent this naturally, multani-mitti is the best cooling factor. Ubtan soap consists of multani-mitti that will help maintain your skin by cooling it down.

  • Skin Lightening

Skin lightening is not about changing your skin tone but giving a glow to your natural skin which makes your skin appear even-toned and attractive. This organic body soap is filled with rich vitamins and antioxidants to make you radiate your beauty

  • Prevents Sun Damage 

Other than turmeric, licorice powder is used to protect skin from harmful UV rays, Licorice powder is widely known as Mulethi. In Ayurveda, it’s used for medicinal treatment. Mulethi has healing properties that help reduce dark spots and provide a luminous glow to your face.

  • Fades Scars

Ubtan soap is believed to reduce acne scars, both multani-mitti and turmeric are gentle exfoliators. If the skin is being exfoliated regularly, dead skin cells get removed and help our skin to regenerate new cells. Gradually it fades acne scars within a few months. Of course, the result might take some time but patience is the key. Ayurveda techniques take time to show the results but the outcome stays permanent without any side effects.

Leave You Feel Nostalgic

Certain smell reminds us of our past and the feelings we were experiencing at that time. Ubtan soap has that vintage smell that exactly smells like a soap bar we used during nursery in the 2000s. The moment you slide the box, it feels like you are in a time machine jumped into your childhood, but hey snap out! You are in 2023 and smelling Natural Splash’s Ubtan soap.


In this blog, we understood the meaning and value of ubtan soap. Similarly, we learned about the preparation of ubtan paste in the old time. All the ingredients were carefully selected to make ubtan paste as it was considered an important skincare product for Queen’s skin. Well! The era has changed but the queens still exist, wink! But are more independent than before and want easy-to-apply skincare products. So, all the richness and vitamins of Ayurveda ingredients have been converted in the form of soap. Ubtan soap moisturizes your skin, protects it from UV rays, and gives your skin a radiant glow.