Top Bridal Beauty Must Haves This Season

Top Bridal Beauty Must Haves This Season

Top Bridal Beauty Must Haves This Season

Are you looking to elevate your cosmetic game so that your makeup stays on all day — no matter the weather or season — on your big day?

It’s no secret that skin prep is the key to making sure that your makeup sits beautifully all day long, so it’s worth investing in products with some key ingredients ahead of your big day. Read below to learn more about what we think are the top beauty must-haves for all brides and even bridesmaids!

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Skincare Is Essential

You’ve probably heard this before, but we’re here to confirm that it’s true — no matter how great your makeup products might be, the thing that will elevate how the makeup sits on your skin and for how long it sits is all down to your skincare.

How a product performs depends on your skin, so using the best skin care products will mean that your skin will work as a beautiful canvas for the makeup to sit on top of. 

There are a few essential products we think you should include in your skincare routine leading up to the big day, which will help you achieve that ‘glow from within’ look.

Exfoliating Masks 

One essential skincare product we’d recommend incorporating into your skincare ritual is an exfoliating mask. 

Perfect for all skin types, these are great to use all over the face once or twice a week to scrub away any build-up of dead skin cells and will leave your skin feeling supple and smooth in all seasons.

Over time, the deep cleansing achieved by the microcrystals within the scrub will do wonders for your pores and overall skin without irritating or drying out your skin — thanks to hydrating ingredients such as grapeseed oil — ensuring a radiant finish.

Such a product will mean that your skin will be silky smooth and evenly textured, making complexion products like foundation and powders sit comfortably on your skin.

Hydrating Toner

Another essential product that you should introduce into your everyday skincare routine is a hydrating toner. Yes, even if you have a combination or oily skin.

Contrary to popular belief, many people with oilier skin types shy away from hydrating products because they feel it’ll leave them feeling greasy and overly shiny. But did you know that instead of oily skin, chances are that you have dehydrated skin? And because your skin isn’t getting enough moisture, it overcompensates by producing more sebum — leaving you looking shiny.

Hydrating moisturizers might feel intimidating, so we think that a hydrating toner that can deeply penetrate your skin and help lock in the moisture of all the products you apply on top of that will be highly beneficial and refreshing.

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Ensuring your skin is adequately hydrated will not only mean that complexion products won’t cling to any dry patches, but over time, they’ll also restore and even strengthen your natural skin barrier thanks to ingredients such as rosewater and hyaluronic extract.

Lip Treatment

While looking after your skin is essential, looking after your lips is just as important!

There’s nothing worse than dry and cracked lips, especially when you want to apply a long-lasting liquid lipstick, but thankfully you can easily avoid this with a few simple steps.

You might carry a lip balm with you, but have you noticed that your lips still feel dry? It’s time to introduce a stronger concoction — an overnight lip treatment.

Not only is sleep incredibly important to ensure that your skin has time to rest and recharge, but the ingredients in lip treatments are stronger than balms. The fact that they can sit on your lips and work overnight to deeply lock in the moisture will also ensure you wake up with soft, plump, and supple lips.

Ingredients such as shea butter, berry wax, and hyaluronic acid are excellent for getting rid of dryness, but they’re also great if you have a lot of texture on your lips and can even make them feel and look plumper. Who wouldn’t want to wear lipstick after that?

Eye Cream

Of course, you want to look as radiant and awake as you feel on your big day, so a potent eye cream is something you should introduce if you haven’t already into your skincare regime.

Fine lines, puffy eyes in the morning, and dark circles are just a few of the problems that might mean that your concealer doesn’t sit as well as you want it to under your eyes. But a powerful eye cream can help to reduce all of these over time.

We often neglect our under-eye area, but being one of the areas on our face where the skin is the thinnest, hydration is just as important there as it is for the rest of the face.

Ensuring it’s properly hydrated will do wonders with how cream or liquid products sit under it, but it’ll also help you look less tired thanks to ingredients such as vitamins C and E and black tea extracts. 

These ingredients have been used over the years and are known to have hydrating properties. But they can also improve the texture and elasticity of such thin skin, ensuring you look youthful and radiant for the years to come!

Time To Build Your Skin Regime

And those round up our four top bridal beauty must-haves. Skincare plays a much more significant role in how our makeup sits on our skin than previously thought, so investing in your skin will mean you have a much better makeup outcome.

We’d recommend that you start implementing these products into your routine sooner rather than later and stay consistent with it to see results over the long term. Your skin will thank you for it in the long run!

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