The 2023 Women’s Shoe Trends You Need To Know

The 2023 Women’s Shoe Trends You Need To Know

The 2023 Women’s Shoe Trends You Need To Know

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With a new year comes new fashion trends, so what better way to step up your fashion game than shoes? Shoes help elevate your whole look. Few years back people used to match every accessory and every piece of clothing to one color, not even a different shade and that was called ‘fashion’ but nowadays people choose a whole different color of shoes to go with the dress which actually looks classy and elevates one’s look. The purpose of telling you this is so you are aware of how entirely fashion trends change.

In the current era of fashion, if you wear everything the same color you will hear that you have a poor sense of fashion or what you are wearing is so last season. Hence, you must go along with the trends and upgrade your closet with time. 

Today I am going to walk you through some latest shoe trends of 2023 so you stay in touch with fashion trends and look as elegant as celebrities, influencers and bloggers. Here are a few latest women shoe trends you must know:

1- Ballet flats

Ballet flats are one of the hottest trends of 2023. Models walked in these styles of shoes on both 2022 and 2023 runways. Ballet flats are like ballet shoes but are designed to be comfortable enough for your fashion game, it is shaped like ballet shoes with the same figure and design but are as comfortable as normal flats. These flats are delicate yet elegant at the same time. 

These shoes have a tougher sole making them more durable and a great investment in the long-term. These shoes represent womens shoes as these can only be worn by women rather than other shoes which nowadays are unisex.

2- Wedges

There are different types of wedges including wedge heels, wedge sneakers and wedge boots. However, wedge shoes are one of the most popular styles on the market of 2023. These shoes are not the same as a heel but they give you height along with comfort. Wedges have a big rubber sole which acts as a heel. 

The basic description of wedges which is common in all types is the rubber sole which adds height to sneakers and boots. Want to bring a classy and chic look to your look and walk in confidence? Well wedges are your new best friends!

3- Lace up heeled combat boots

Laced up heeled combat boots are fastened up with laces tied up the ankle. These boots can be of different height from ankle boots or knee-high boots and simple heels. Combat boots elevate your look and make you look confident. This shows the walking style of models while they strut down the runway showing off these trendy shoes. 

These boots are unisex and look great on both women and men making them look elegant and modest. These lace-up heeled combat boots fall into the category of semi-formal shoes but can be worn informally as well.

4- Artsy shoes

Many celebrities walk the red carpet in these shoes. These shoes are mainly creative heels instead of the normal heels. Womens shoes trend welcomed the creative spirit in the designers. 

These shoes might not be comfortable but would surely make heads turn. However, experimenting is great but one needs to be quite careful while wearing this as you can either nail the look or fail miserably. Artsy shoes are heels replaced with some other funky, quirky and eccentric things. 

These help bring out one’s creative side showing it off to the world. Looks created with artsy shoes require minimalistic efforts as the shoes are already taking the center stage.

5- String sandals

String sandals are basically laced up but in flats. String sandals are fashionable and comfortable at the same time. These sandals are easy to ace and can go with any look easily. String sandals or you can call them lace up sandals, are designed with simple strings or leather straps and are ideal to wear in summers. 

Simple yet elegant sandals that are easy to pair with any kind of clothes and are a great investment. On a beach day string sandals would go really well with a flowy dress making you look cut and chic at the same time. These are basically laced up flats for a simple look. Many models have been seen rocking the runway with these sandals.

6- Denim shoes

This New Year 2023, add to your shoe closet a pair of denim shoes. Brands are offering these shoes in different styles with square and round toes. These shoes are available as boots, heels, wedges, pumps and more. With these shoes you can rock the all denim look with a denim jeans jacket and now, even the shirt.

7- Metallic pumps

Metalic pumps come in flats as well as heels and are the most popular trend 2023. This is the trend you would’ve seen your friends or some random strangers following, although it is not easy to style. Very few people are able to style these pumps in with their clothes. These shoes have an eye-catching metallic finish which means if someone has to notice something about you, it would be these shoes.

8- Sequin embellished mules

Sequin embellished mules can also be known as Barbie mules. These shoes are usually in bright colors, embroidered with sequins or crystals making it blingy and eye-catching. Mules can add an extra pop of color to dull dressing and can be great shoes when looking for a color contrast. Are you ready for these fancy and modish shoes to wear on special occasions and be Barbie? 


I have listed for you the latest summer fashionable trends! 2023 shoes trends might make you feel overwhelmed as there are many more trends than just this so don't worry, I am here for you. 

These eight fashion trends that I have mentioned above are those quite common and in the spotlight nowadays, hence you only need to choose from these eight to up your fashion game. Some might be hard to style and some hard to choose from but once you put up a look you will surely rock it.