Surprise Your Sweet Little Sister with Cute Rakhi Gifting Ideas

Surprise Your Sweet Little Sister with Cute Rakhi Gifting Ideas

Rakhi is one of the best occasions most of us look for to meet our own and cousin brothers and sisters. The best occasion which beautifully celebrates the bond between the unbreakable brother and sister. It’s completely normal to fight and be against each other, But all these memories are precious to be carried with once when we step out for studies or be away from each other due to many different situations.


Like in every house, the brothers and sisters will fight hard, but at the end of the day, they will be there for each other, no matter what the situation is. If you are a brother, you will already know how precious it is to have an elder sister or a younger one. The same happens in the case of vice versa. Even though the brother in the house maximum does not showcase their feeling, he is someone who is loving you more than you do!


It’s the time of the year to exchange love and gifts with each other. Try to be with each other no matter how busy you are! But in unavoidable cases, never worry you can celebrate virtually too. After covid, we all know the importance of being with each other and how important it is to communicate with one another. And all the brothers out there, are you confused about the right gift for your sister like every year, here are some of the best and cute rakhi gifts for your sister:

  • Water Bottles:

You might now be wondering, is this even a gift? But going with beautiful themed or colourful bottles will surely add a smile to her face. Cute, colourful, and insulated bottles are one of the most beautiful gifts. There are even different colours and designs available, and you can choose based on your sister’s liking and preferences. Because of the stainless steel property, they are much more environmentally friendly.

  • Sippers:

If she is not a water bottle kind of person, then sippers are one of the best choices to go with. Even though there are a lot of colour options available, the pink sipper bottle is one of the most unique because of its glittery appearance on the walls of the bottle. Just to adore the beauty of the bottle, your little sister would drink water and keep herself well hydrated.

There are also beautifully double-coated steel tumblers, which give you a best look from the outside. Try and you will surely make your sister excited with this gift. There are also different other designs available which could be chosen based on your sister’s’s likes and preferences.

  • Purses / Pouches:

We would have seen our sisters saving coins and money to buy their favourite products or something else. But at times, the purses might look boring. Never worry, you can get them cute little coin purses or wallets for their savings to be better every time they put money into them.

  • Eye Mask:

Because of our hectic life schedule, we all miss sleeping well, which invites different health-related problems. Even if we close our eyes and sleep for 10 mins, it will be worth it! Try gifting them cute and beautiful eye masks in different shapes, and for sure they will love them.

  • Notebooks and Pens:

Journaling is one of the important habits that we should work on for mental peace. Writing a journal can help in transferring your thoughts and ideas in a sheet of paper. For that, rather than a fancy diary you can go with simple and affordable notebooks, with a piece of cake in them. It’s nothing but unique and cute little diary collections which have some designs embedded into them.

  • Bobbleheads:

This is also one of the cutest gifts that she could receive. You can give her a BTS bobblehead if she is a korean fan or some superhero bobbleheads like harry potter, spiderman, etc.

  • Marquee Lights:

Decorating one’s space can make us more involved and energetic in whatever we are into. Get them beautiful and the lights, and for sure they will fall in love with them. There are different shapes of lights like pineapple shaped light, cinematic lightbox with beautiful quotes or names, heart table lamp, unicorn themed light, and lots more. Choosing unicorn light would be the best since she is also a beautiful unicorn in the house.

  1. Accessories:

Is there even a girl without liking accessories? No, right. You can gift them anything whichever they prefer; There are huge options available like hair clips, chains, earrings, scrunchies, etc. You can even choose their favourite and make it a beautiful gift hamper. 


No matter how costly the gift is, it depends on the love and time you spend in choosing the right gift for your lovable sistes.