Should you get an automatic watch from Tufina?

Should you get an automatic watch from Tufina?

While they are not inexpensive in terms of price or craftsmanship, Tufina watches are notably more affordable compared to their counterparts in the luxury German watch market. With prices ranging from $300 to $4,000, Tufina timepieces provide an excellent entry point into the realm of German mechanical watches, surpassing the starting point of many other luxury brands.

Although Tufina has long been cherished by devoted watch enthusiasts, its popularity has skyrocketed following the introduction of their modern-looking models. These new watches beautifully embody Tufina’s extensive heritage and unwavering dedication to mechanical precision. The brand has earned an impeccable reputation by prioritizing the satisfaction of its customers and actively engaging with its community, consistently innovating to meet their evolving needs. If you’re curious about the advantages of owning an automatic watch from Tufina, continue reading, as there are numerous compelling reasons to make such a purchase.

Hand-Sketched Designs For Precise Timepieces

Tufina watches have gained a well-deserved reputation for their ability to captivate the eye, showcasing an impressive design process that begins with hand-drawn sketches and transitions into meticulous design work using Adobe Illustrator. Every small detail is carefully considered, ensuring that each element complements the overall aesthetic.

One notable aspect of Tufina’s design philosophy is the incorporation of architectural influences. For instance, the Amsterdam model features stripes on the case, reminiscent of the iconic canals that grace the city. This attention to detail brings a unique charm to each timepiece, establishing a meaningful connection between the design and its inspiration.

Once the design phase is complete, the production process begins, involving the selection of premium materials for various components such as hands, numbers, dials, and cases. These components are then meticulously assembled by hand, ensuring the utmost precision and craftsmanship.

To guarantee the accuracy of their mechanical watches, Tufina employs a modern timegrapher, a machine that measures the ticks of the watch. This enables precise calibration and assessment of the watch’s performance. Additionally, a pressure tester machine is utilized to determine the water resistance rating, ensuring the watches can withstand the rigors of everyday wear. These essential tools are readily available in the Tufina laboratory, with the least expensive costing approximately $38,000.

While the design and technical aspects of Tufina watches are undeniably impressive, their allure extends beyond surface-level aesthetics. The mesmerizing mechanics inside these watches never fail to arrest attention, as each intricate component harmoniously interacts with the others. Tufina’s automatic watches often showcase their inner workings through open back or skeleton designs, allowing both the wearer and those around them to witness the mesmerizing interplay of gears.

The visually appealing nature of these timepieces is further accentuated by the continuous, unwavering movement of the hands. In contrast to the slightly erratic, intermittent motion found in many other timepieces, these hand-assembled hands move effortlessly and without pause. This perpetual fluidity lends a distinct charm to their movement, setting them apart from their counterparts.

Moreover, automatic watches from Tufina frequently incorporate additional complications—extra watch faces that offer enhanced functionality such as real tourbillons. While a standard timepiece merely indicates the hour, some of these watches possess the ability to showcase the time, date, and even the lunar phases. For those seeking a multifunctional timepiece that transcends the realm of simple timekeeping, an automatic watch is undoubtedly a wise choice.

Limited Production

Tufina places great emphasis on their limited production practices, employing a methodology that exudes an artisanal essence. Each stage of design, production, and assembly of Tufina watches is carried out individually. They focus on quality rather than quantity. Consequently, they produce only a limited number of timepieces annually. In the event that a particular model is sold out, prospective buyers can expect a waiting period of 1 to 2 years before acquiring it again, if ever. This hand-production approach not only ensures exceptional quality standards but also enhances the exclusivity associated with every Tufina timepiece. Within a year Tufina will release somewhere between 2 to 4 new collections. And that is it. You better get it while you can.

No Need For Batteries

Do not have to worry if a battery is leaking into the movement of the watch and destroying it. Tufina’s automatic watches operate using a mechanical caliber and a winding rotor. The rotor, an essential component of the caliber, is typically positioned on top and serves the purpose of generating the necessary energy to drive the watch. As the wearer moves, the winding rotor swings back and forth, harnessing this motion to transfer energy to the mainspring. The mainspring then tightly winds, storing the energy within a power reserve, which is subsequently released gradually to power the watch’s mechanism.

The beauty of automatic watches lies in their self-winding nature. These watches are continuously wound for as long as the person wears them on their wrist. Some individuals opt to use a watch winder when they remove their automatic timepiece to ensure it remains powered continuously. Basically, you would only need to handwind your automatic watch if you don’t wear it daily.

They Last for Years

Tufina watches possess exceptional durability, capable of lasting for generations when properly maintained and serviced. These timepieces often become cherished heirlooms, passed down to both children and adults, a testament to their enduring quality. Even after being worn by the previous generation for a significant portion of their lives, these watches continue to function flawlessly when entrusted to the next. Unlike battery-powered counterparts, Tufina’s automatic watches operate without the need for battery replacements every few years. Their power is derived from tension, ensuring a consistent and reliable energy source. This distinctive characteristic contributes to their renowned longevity, setting them apart from other timepieces. Remember to prioritize regular servicing and cleaning to ensure a lifetime of reliable performance.

Here are our top 3 picks from Tufina for this month:


If you’re looking for a multi-tone dial watch, Boston comes with its sleek and attractive appearance. Boasting an in-house movement containing 22 rubies, this automatic watch assures both precision and dependability. Notably, it showcases captivating features such as a sub-dial indicating the sun and moon phases, as well as a 24-hour display for dual-time functionality. The crown is exquisitely embellished with the letter “P,” symbolizing the Pionier collection. Complemented by either a leather or stainless steel strap, this watch is securely fastened with a butterfly buckle.

London Diamonds

If you prefer trendy and flashy timepieces, London Diamonds presents an ideal choice. It features an in-house movement comprising 20 rubies, ensuring remarkable precision. The movement resides within a 44 mm stainless steel case, further fortified with a 5-micron gold plating to enhance durability and luster. With the inclusion of a date calendar function, London Diamonds not only offers exceptional attractiveness but also adds a practical dimension to its appeal. The leather strap is crafted from authentic cow leather and fastened securely with a butterfly buckle. Moreover, London Diamonds boasts a sapphire-coated lens, endowing it with both robustness and visual allure.


If you prefer a watch with a multi-toned dial that has a bold and attention-grabbing appearance, Miami is an excellent choice. Equipped with a full calendar complication, this automatic watch showcases a trio of sub-dials that are artfully positioned on its dial, each serving a distinct purpose. The month sub-dial gracefully adorns the 3 o’clock position, while the day sub-dial elegantly graces the 9 o’clock position. Accompanying these functional displays, the calendar window resides prominently at the 12 o’clock position, harmoniously coexisting with the distinguished Pionier logo.

Revealing a mesmerizing glimpse into the watch’s inner workings, an open heart display is prominently featured at the 6 o’clock position, allowing aficionados to witness the captivating oscillations of the balance mechanism. The dial exhibits a meticulous equilibrium, deftly integrating every element to create an uncluttered and harmonious composition. Enhancing the overall aesthetic coherence, the dual-colored sword hands seamlessly blend with the watch’s visual allure, while the movement adorned with Geneva stripes can be admired through the open case back.