Planning To Travel to the Airport by Bus? Here Are 5 Things That Can Go Wrong

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Planning to Travel to the Airport by Bus?

Here Are 5 Things That Can Go Wrong

Public transport might be viewed as a budget-friendly option for getting to the airport but if you miss your flight or experience a stressful delay in getting to the terminal it could soon become a spending decision you regret.

Having the certainty of knowing your travel itinerary will stay on track by using an airport shuttle is one good way of keeping any travel stresses to a minimum. What is it that could go wrong if you decide to rely on the bus to get to the airport?

Here is a look at some of the things that can go wrong.

Do you know which bus you need to take?

Arriving at the wrong terminal or level is going to be a real curveball for your timings. It can be all too easy to get on the wrong bus and end up at a place in the airport that you don’t want to be.

Trying to find your way to the right terminal and level can be a real challenge if you make a mistake with the bus you get on to get to the airport.

Different schedules for different days can throw your plans into chaos

The majority of public transport operators run different schedules for certain days of the week. If you are traveling to the airport at the weekend, for instance, the bus may not run as frequently, or at the same time, as it does during the week.

It is not a good feeling to discover this when your bus fails to arrive as expected.

Is the bus traveling in the right direction?

You might be surprised to discover that the same bus number can be traveling in opposite directions.


If you get on a bus that is going north and you needed to be heading south your travel plans can quickly unravel. When this happens, you can easily lose 20-30 minutes while waiting for the next bus to take you back in the right direction.

It can be easy to pay the wrong fare or find your card has been blocked

The method of tapping in and tapping out with your card to pay is not universal. Some operators only require you to tap in, for instance. When you get the payment option wrong you can find that you end up paying the maximum fare, or your card could get blocked.

Buying the wrong pass

If you decide to book your bus travel in advance you might book the wrong type of pass. It can be very frustrating to discover that you have purchased the wrong pass and your entry onto the bus is denied.

The problem is that every city seems to have a different system and zones for traveling by bus. If you are not familiar with these rules you could find that your bus ticket can’t be used to travel where you need to go.

Not every bus journey will go wrong or end up with delays. However, it makes sense to take the stress out of that aspect of your travel plans and consider adding some certainty to your arrival and departure times. You can do this by booking a shuttle.

Do you really want to jeopardize your ability to board your flight or delay your onward journey by relying on a local bus service?