Men’s underwear – Which Type of Underwear is Best for Males

Men's underwear - Which Type of Underwear is Best for Males

Men’s underwear – Which Type of Underwear is Best for Males

Like socks and other wardrobe essentials, the best men’s underwear must be cozy, long-lasting, and fashionable. But everyone has different considerations when it comes to clothing, especially intimate apparel. Some people go for comfort over looks; for others, it’s vice versa. 

The best style of men’s undergarments may sometimes be the easiest to choose from because of several variations. Additionally, choosing the wrong pair of underpants might completely ruin your day. It hurts a lot to be moving around and itching all the time (it feels quite embarrassing too).

As you browse, you will find a wide variety of styles sorted into the following headings: Boxer, Boxer Brief, Trunk, brief, and Thong. Our fundamental tenet is that there are five different varieties of men’s knickers. But how do you decide what’s best for you? Well, don’t worry; we are here with the different types of men’s underwear, their composition, material, comfortability, and so on.

Types of Men’s Underwear

Let’s have a look at some of the most prominent types of men’s underwear:


The most popular type of knickers since your dad was a young boy, if not earlier, are boxer shorts, so named because they resemble the shorts worn by boxers.

Boxers are frequently loose-fitting and made of pure cotton, allowing air to flow and your moving parts to, well, move. They usually have a button fly, sit on the hips, and stretch past the tops of your thighs.

Boxers work well with loose-fitting trousers, such as a suit or high-waisted trousers, but if your pants are too tight, the fabric will bunch, which will be uncomfortable and be visible through your clothes. 

Boxer Briefs

The current classic is the boxer brief. The standard-issue trousers for a generation. Calvin Klein established the stretch boxer in the early 1990s, but the majority of brands now offer boxer briefs as a product.

Boxer briefs are a stretch fabric variation on the standard boxer, often modal, which is softer and silkier with a touch of elastane added or cotton with a touch of elastane added.

Though the degree of fit varies by manufacturer, the cut is usually more customized. The best cuts are closer to the thigh and provide more excellent definition behind them and extra support where it counts. They are typically worn higher on the hips to showcase the waistband and sit between the middle and top of the thigh.


When it comes to briefs, style and cut are the essential features to look for. It is made of stretch cotton with a small amount of elastane to increase definition and add additional comfort. This is ideal for a man with larger thighs because there is no chance of the cloth bunching. After all, the leg opening is designed to curve up towards the top of the thigh.

Additionally, the brief is ideal if you work out a lot. The pouch that cups and retains your privates also has a practical side, which is advantageous if you’re constantly on the run, exercising, or need extra support.


The men’s trunk, also known as a hipster, gives the best of all possible worlds: a pouch for support and to keep everything in place; a shorter leg so there is no uncomfortable bunching; and a lower rise so the waistband lies below the hips, the better to show off your six-pack.

The trunk, made of stretch cotton, is more form-fitting than many boxer briefs (see our boxer briefs vs. trunks comparison), but it still provides full coverage at the back. 


The jockstrap and the G-string are also members of the skimpy-brief family, which also includes the men’s thong. They are all held to high ethical and creative standards.

The thong typically has a tiny strip of fabric at the back and is composed mainly of cotton, with a small amount of elastane added for improved comfort in the pouch.

However, it may be a bit uncomfortable for you since it basically means you have to go semi-commando.

Final Words – Understanding What’s Best for You

Comfort should be your top goal, so pick a look that will probably make you feel the most at ease. Think of your thighs, stomach, and bottom. Try to keep in mind your planned activity, whether it needs to be contained, and your attire. It’s feasible that you’ll have various looks for various situations.

We hope this makes it easier for you to find the perfect underwear for yourself. Thanks for reading!