Kurti Set for Women- Monsoon Style Guide

Kurti Set for Women- Monsoon Style Guide

As the monsoon is about to knock at the door, the time for dressing up with kurti set having bold colours and vivacious prints is also approaching. There is hardly any woman who does not want to flaunt her style statement.

Are you feeling a bit hesitant and confused with the approaching of the rainy season? Relax! Below is a complete guide that will help in acing the monsoon trends of both ethnic and indo-western styles.

Start with Choosing the Right Fabric

The fabric plays a vital role in assuring the highest level of comfort. Especially during monsoon, it is good to go with breathable and lightweight fabrics. Such fabrics will let your skin breathe and stay comfortable all day.

The kurti set for women that you must select includes:

  1. Cotton
  2. Linen
  3. Chiffon

They are excellent choices as they absorb moisture quickly and become dry soon. You will feel cool and fresh in humid weather conditions. Certain fabrics that you should avoid include silk and velvet. They retain moisture and make you feel uncomfortable.

Selection of Kurti Set with Appropriate Length and Color

At the time of ordering an online kurti set of your choice, it is essential to pay attention to the length and color. During monsoons, there are higher risks of getting wet due to heavy rainfall.

That is why, it is advisable to go with kurti sets having a shorter length. Some exclusive options that will make your monsoon comfortable include:

  • Knee-length kurtis
  • Above-the-knee kurtis
  • A-line kurtis

These kurti sets minimize the chances of getting wet and dirty quickly. Also, they provide ease of movement finally preventing the kurti from getting stuck to the body. Such an exclusive collection of silhouettes permits easy circulation of air. Your body will remain cool and you will feel comfortable in the humid weather.

Are you having an invitation? If yes, then the selection of the right type of party wear kurti set with an exclusive color combination will be a great decision. The rainy season is famous for surprising people with muddy streets and splashes of water.

That is why, it is essential to choose the colors wisely. Going with darker shades will provide a highly elegant and sophisticated look to the wearer. Colors to go with include:

  • Navy blue
  • Deep green
  • Maroon

Why shy away from adding a pop of colored kurti set to your wardrobe? Certain colors that will infuse cheerfulness to brighten up the monsoon include:

  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Orange

Now after being done with the selection of a kurti with proper height and color, it is time to go with some exclusive styling tips.

What are Some Exclusive Tips to Style Your Monsoon Kurti?

Perhaps, none of the women prefer compromising with their style statements. To protect your kurti from getting drenched in the raindrops, better consider going with a layering kurti set with a waterproof cape.

The outerwear will not only keep you dry but will also add a fashionable touch to your body. One more option is to pair your kurti with cropped pants and leggings. The fabric must be light as it will become dry quickly. This specific combination will ensure style and practicality during monsoon.

Including the right type of accessories will overall complete the monsoon look. Going with waterproof footwear will keep your feet dried and protected. You need not bear the hassle of getting across puddles.

You must also carry a compact and colorful umbrella that will fit in your bag. It will shield you from unexpected downpours. The right type of umbrella will also help in reflecting a style statement to complement your look.

Some Don’ts to Consider while Wearing Kurti during Monsoon

At the time of styling kurti set for women during monsoon, there are a few points that you need to avoid. They include the following:

  • Avoiding light hues as they will become dirty too early
  • Not wearing jeans and heavy fabrics as they may get bogged down with water
  • Staying away from wearing patialas and salwar

Following these tips will help in making you comfortable during monsoon. Afterwards, the choice of kurti must be done according to the shape of your body. Below are some tips that you must consider while choosing kurti according to body shape…..

  • Body of the shape of an apple: A-line kurti and V-neckline kurti with trousers or palazzo pants.
  • Pear-shaped body: Kurtis having styles similar to angarkha. Anarkali and printed kurtis will be great options for women having pear-shaped bodies.
  • Hour-glass shaped body: Women with body shapes of hour-glass shapes may go with long-flared kurtis will be a great choice.
  • Petite body: Kurtis with A-line and anarkali kurtis will be the right choice for women having petite body shapes.

Considering these things will let in making the right choice for kurtis.

How to Maintain and Care for Kurti Sets?

Unless you take proper care of your kurti set during monsoon, you will be unable to reap the benefits. Also, these dresses will hardly ensure longevity. No doubt, washing your dresses regularly is essential.

But, at the same time; you must not refrain from following the instructions of the manufacturer. It is good to avoid the use of harsh detergents and use mild ones. It will help in maintaining the overall quality of the fabric.

Once done with the washing, it will be good to dry your kurti set in a ventilated area. Keeping the set away from direct sunlight will prevent the early fading of the colors. Regarding storing, it is preferable to go with an environment that is free from moisture.

If your space is small, then better go with a closet that is inclusive of moisture-absorbing products. It will protect your dresses from the risks of mildew and dampness.

In All!

Dressing of kurti set for women during monsoon requires a uniform blend of practicality and style. Going with the right fabric along with the proper length, selection of suitable colors, and following exclusive tips to style will create a fashionable wardrobe.

If you can take proper care of your dresses, then it will ensure longevity followed by maintaining a fresh and vibrant look. It is high time to embrace the rainy season with style and confidence so that you can reflect your personality amid raindrops.