James Pratt Reflects on Hollywood’s Recent Changes, Valuable Insights, and Future Projects


In the dynamic realm of Hollywood, James Pratt has firmly established himself as a distinguished actor, including being the recipient of the prestigious Best Actor award at the Los Angeles Film Awards in 2022 and Best Actor at the Hollywood Film Festival.. In an exclusive conversation, Pratt candidly shares his observations on the noteworthy transformations that have reverberated across the industry in recent years. He also imparts invaluable guidance that has served as a compass in navigating the intricate web of the entertainment world. Furthermore, Pratt offers a tantalizing glimpse into the intriguing projects that lie on his horizon.

Shifts in Hollywood: A Paradigm Redefined

The past five years have borne witness to profound shifts within Hollywood, reshaping the very fabric of the entertainment landscape. Pratt identifies two pivotal factors that have significantly influenced these changes:

-The meteoric ascent of streaming platforms combined with the COVID-19 shutdown and the rise of technology, allowing indie filmmakers to make enormous leaps in producing their own.

Small screen vs Big Screen. In 2020 health protocols prompted a revaluation of traditional production practices and the shutting down of theaters which led to a surge in digital content consumption, the cinematic experience underwent a noteworthy transformation.

Pratt notes, “Human behaviour naturally gravitates towards habit. This is exemplified by the surge in binge-watching during lockdowns. However, this shift, while democratizing access to a diverse range of content, has also underscored the challenges faced by cinematic works designed for traditional theaters. People have become accustomed to the convenience of watching a movie with just a few clicks, rather than enduring the process of commuting, parking, and attending screenings.

James Pratt, winner of Best Actor at the Los Angeles Film Awards

James Pratt in Beverly Hills Los Angeles – the photo credit is TRYNH KRAJ

Cinematic Innovation: Pioneering New Frontiers

Amidst these transformative currents, Hollywood has showcased its adaptability and ingenuity. Pratt underscores the industry’s embrace of cutting-edge technologies, which have not only allowed for the continuation of production but have also unlocked new avenues of creativity for the independent film maker. Technological advancements, particularly in digital effects and remote filming capabilities, have dissolved geographical barriers, enabling cinematic stories to unfold across diverse landscapes.

Pratt says, what does this all mean?  A film maker can now shoot, edit, and color-grade a film themselves on a budget under $100k, and subsequently secure distribution and often licensing on platforms like Netflix or Hulu. This level of quality and accessibility 10 years ago would have previously required a budget of around $1 million or more and typically only been achievable through studio-backed ventures. Independent film makers in the past had no streaming platforms to showcase their films.

On the Horizon: Anticipating Engaging Ventures

Looking ahead, Pratt’s trajectory is marked by exciting prospects. A forthcoming comedy feature film set against the backdrop of Florida’s sun-soaked landscapes is soon to be announced, and then the eagerly anticipated thriller Descending Skies” a Feature Film directed by Ryan Laughlin that is to be shot in the remote deserts Vistas of Los Angeles and Vasquez Rocks . Pratt steps into the lead role of Dylan Connors,