Is Crossreps and Hypeunique Legit? 2023 Review

As a dedicated sneaker enthusiast, I have always admired Nike’s emblematic swoosh. I admired its originality, quality, and the fashion statement it made. However, amidst the rising prices and severe competition for the newest releases, I considered exploring replica sneakers.

I had heard much about them from fellow sneakerheads but had never considered buying them. As my curiosity grew, I decided to try my all-time favorite Nike shoes.

My journey to find a legit rep website.

My search for authentic rep sneakers began. In our experience, there are many different types of rep shoes and distinguishing them is quite important.

I started reading reviews and scrolling websites to check affordable and high-quality replicas. The Reddit threads were too promotional; the websites are promoting them (in my opinion). However, I found four websites, Hypeunique, CrewKick, EverythingReps, and Crossreps, that appeared reputable. I investigated these websites further to make a final decision.

Hypeunique and Everythingreps Review? Are they legit?

Hypeunique and EverythingReps were the first two companies I checked. They had a good selection of models and sizes. The websites were well-organized and featured professional product photographs. When I saw the prices, however, I felt disappointed. The prices of these replicas were close to those of the originals.

I’ve also read reviews that these two companies are intermediaries between Chinese factories and don’t produce their own. Many hype unique reviews are available on Trustpilot; they do deliver shoes though.

Just for your information, according to the Power reviews survey in 2021, more than 99.9% of consumers say they read reviews when shopping online at least sometimes. In 2018, this number was 97%. 

But, I decided to find an alternative.

Crewkick reviews? Is it legit?

Next up was CrewKick, a website that I had seen recommended on sneaker message boards. Their catalog was quite extensive, with a variety of brands.

But when I was unable to contact their customer service. Regarding replicas, It’s essential to communicate with vendors, so the lack of response was a setback. The communication gap is one of their biggest weaknesses.

I mean who would buy a replica shoe from someone who doesn’t even reply.

Is Crossreps legit?

As I questioned the viability of my journey into rep footwear, I discovered Cross reps, the fourth option on my list. 

Crossreps was one of a kind among the names I had discovered. It was a factory in China that manufactured and sold rep shoes, not a retailer. The website’s user interface was attractive, with lower prices than competing sites.

I chose to proceed with caution and talked with their customer support. I was still afraid because there were no verified reviews for crossreps outside their own website. Their reviews were only available on their official website, which I usually don’t believe in.

“The only reason I bought from Crossreps was their consistent branding pictures with videos. Additionally, the cooperative customer support boosted my confidence in them since the prices were lower than others”.

I chose the Nike Jordan 4 Black Cat reps, which I had from the original Nike as well. So, I could then make a comparison. I appreciate the ordering procedure, but the payment method does not allow you to pay by card. According to Crossreps, replica shoes cannot integrate Paypal or Stripe. 

The shoes were to come from China, and I had to wait for almost 13 days (using their $18 shipment). 

Finally, the wait was over, and I opened the box. I examined the Jordan 4 Black Cat’s design, stitching, and sensation. It was almost identical to the original, which surprised me.

However, the actual test was to test the shoe’s comfort and fit. Although, we can’t compare it with the originals, the comfort level was high from my expectation.


Although my experience with Crossreps has been positive, I recommend researching before purchasing rep sneakers. Similarly to authentic sneakers, the rep market has good and bad websites.

Moreover, ordering from China can take time, and customs complications may occur. Before placing an order, check the return and refund policies for clarity.

I would also suggest beginning with a familiar model, as I did with the Jordan 4 Black Cat. It allows an accurate comparison, and you would know what to search for.

While I will always have a special place in my heart for the original Nikes, discovering an alternative has been a good experience. It has opened up a new path for me as a sneaker enthusiast. It’s not about replacing the originals; instead, it’s about investigating the world of sneakers beyond the norm.

My experience with replicas has taught me a lesson: it’s not always about the label but the shoe’s craftsmanship, comfort, and design. And sometimes, one can find these qualities in the most unexpected locations.