How to Blend Travel Inspirations with Home Decor

How to Blend Travel Inspirations with Home Decor

How to Blend Travel Inspirations with Home Decor

If you love traveling and home decor, you can infuse all travel inspirations into your lovely home. The beauty about integrating all travel memorabilia in your home design is you get reminded of happy moments while keeping it aesthetic. And it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg compared to buying random nice things from your favorite Home Depot. Also, including travel inspirations in your space is an excellent way to spark conversations with friends and family. Here are some simple travel-inspired home decoration ideas. 

1. Capture cultural colors

Traveling can immerse you into the country’s culture you’re bound to. Each country represents colors that showcase its traditions, flags, cuisine, and people. For instance, green, white, and red scream Mexico. Red is also one of the most dominant colors of Japan, as seen on their flag. Capture cultural colors and make them pop in your space. If you have neutral colors, you can make bright colors as accents, such as paintings, throw pillows, or rugs. 

2. Integrate textiles

Depending on the places you visit, you can purchase some significant textiles that look good in your space. For instance, Indonesia has the best “Batik” cloth, which involves wax and dyeing and originated in Java. You can buy some textiles from countries you love and transform them into throw pillow covers or blankets. 

3. Curate travel mementos

Keep meaningful sculptures, artifacts, and artwork you’ve collected in your travels. You can display this on one of the walls in your living room, which can serve as your accent wall. You may decorate your dresser with beautiful ceramics or artwork from your travel adventures. This way, you’ll have something to remember those moments by.

4. Display vintage finds

Going to thrift shops or flea markets is inevitable if you’re a backpacker. Bangkok, Japan, and other Southeast Asian countries have diverse flea or thrift shops with beautiful vintage finds. Keep these gems and decorate them along with your picture frames at home. 

5. Create a travel gallery wall

Create a travel gallery wall if you want to go big and bold. This could be an excellent opportunity to make an accent wall if your space looks too dull. Buying artwork might be cumbersome when traveling, but that doesn’t mean you can’t display photographs and postcards. Ensure you create a well-thought-out layout to tell a visual story. 

6. Repurpose souvenirs

The best way to infuse travel-inspired home decoration ideas is to repurpose souvenirs. If you bought ceramics, textiles, or pottery, turn them into valuable items like vases, lampshades, or key bowls. 

7. Design around travel themes

If you’re doing home renovation right after your travel, you can design your space according to a travel theme. Choose the most memorable country you’ve ever been to and decorate your home by integrating colors, patterns, and symbols from that country. For instance, if your favorite is Hawaii, you can create a beach-inspired space with pastel blue and yellow colors. On the other hand, if you love Morocco, you can keep your space vibrant by including lanterns, colorful tiles, and intricate textile designs.

8. DIY a travel wall map

Creating a travel wall map is another way to showcase how much you love traveling and home decor. This is an easy way to transform an ordinary wall into your room’s focal point. You can grab a map from various places you’ve been to, frame them, and arrange them creatively. Or you can even ask an artist to commission an abstract map painting of the countries of your choice. 

9. Decorate your tabletop with seashells

You can collect shells from your favorite beach destinations if you’re a big beach bum. Note that some countries might not allow you to bring big, raw seashells you pick up from the beach. If this is the case, you can buy from souvenir shops. Display giant seashells on your dresser or tabletop. 

10. Design a mural

If you happen to be an artist, designing a mural based on the culture and traditions of your favorite destination is a fun option. You can create a mural on your living or bedroom wall if you have the time. Otherwise, you can hire an artist or ask your artist friends to design the wall for you in exchange for beers.

The Bottomline

Blending travel inspirations and home design is an enjoyable way to make your memories last through tangible decor. Seeing those travel memorabilia all over your space will make you reminisce about the good adventures with friends and family. If you regularly host intimate gatherings and events at home, these pieces could become conversation starters. You can keep your parties interesting by telling unforgettable stories from all your excursions. Do these travel-inspired home decoration tips and enjoy the best of both worlds in the comfort of your home and adventures in new places.