How Long Do Facial Results Last?

How Long Do Facial Results Last?


Facials are a great way to rejuvenate your skin. However, some facials can be a bit costly, so you’d surely want to enjoy the benefits for a long time. With that, you’re probably wondering, how long do facials last?


In this post, we’ll answer this question together with help tips to make your facial results last for as long as possible. Read on and see!


Factors Affecting the Duration of Facial Results

Like many procedures, cosmetic facial results aren’t meant to last long. Still, it can give your skin a boost for some time, with the duration varying from person to person. In general, the following factors will impact how long a facial’s benefit will last long for you:

1.   Skincare routine and maintenance

A crucial factor in the longevity of facials is how you take care of your skin. No matter how powerful the facial is, it won’t last if you don’t have a healthy regimen.


For starters, you need to come up with an effective skincare routine. It should include a gentle cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen. If you don’t know what works for you best, don’t hesitate to ask your aesthetician for guidance.


Aside from that, you should also avoid habits that can damage your skin. This includes too much sun exposure, smoking, using tanning beds too much, and so on.


2. Individual skin type and condition

Each person’s skin is different, which is also a main factor in how long your facial results will last. It’s usually affected by your hormones, genetics, age, and lifestyle.


For example, if you have oily skin, the effects of your facial will fade faster since the sebum will wash it away. On the other hand, those with dry skin may enjoy the benefits longer since the treatment sticks to their faces better.


3. Type of facial treatment received

You also have to consider the type of facial you got. Always remember that different treatments target different concerns, which also impacts the longevity of their benefits.


For the most part, you’ll see that basic and affordable facials often have the shortest effects. These are usually intended for cleansing, mild exfoliation, and hydration.


Meanwhile, more intensive facials like chemical peel and microdermabrasion tend to last longer. However, you should know that these facials are more invasive and will cause redness, flaking, and tenderness on your face. Still, you’ll enjoy the benefits for a few weeks or even months.


But if you want long-lasting benefits without the harsh side effects, you should consider getting HydraFacial.


4. Lifestyle choices

Even if you get all the best facials nearby, it won’t be long-lasting if you don’t pair it with a healthy lifestyle. It’s because our skin is highly susceptible to damage brought by stress levels, poor sleeping patterns, and bad diet.


All these will age your skin faster, which also means that the effects of facials will fade away easily. With that, you should consider eating a more balanced diet and try to clock at least seven hours of sleep per night.


Most of all, you should quit habits like smoking and excessive tanning. These habits can damage your skin fast, which defeats the purpose of having a facial.


5. Frequency of facials

Facials are not a one-time thing if you want to get long-lasting results. If you only got one session, then expect the benefits to fade away in just a few days.


So if you want to enjoy young-looking skin for a long time, you should follow the treatment plan the facial spa made for you. This could include several sessions scheduled in specific intervals.


Aside from that, you should consider getting touch-ups after some time. This way, the benefits will compound and make your skin look even better.


How to Extend the Benefits of Your Facial

Although some aspects of your skin are beyond your control, there are still ways to boost the effects of your favorite facial. Here are some that we recommend:


1.   Follow a personalized skincare routine

Always remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all skincare routine. It should be personalized based on your skin type, goals, skin problems, and so on. This way, you can get the best results to complement your facial.


We always recommend consulting a dermatologist if you don’t know what’s best for your skin. They can recommend right-fit products that target your specific skin problems. Also, they can ensure that the products won’t have any contraindications with your facial treatments.


2.   Drink more water

Yes, you read that right! Drinking more water isn’t just good for your internal organs, it’s also a secret to better skin. After all, hydration plays a big role in keeping your skin plump and healthy-looking.


In that case, you should start sipping more water like you mean it. Maybe it’s time for you to get a larger tumbler to amp up your hydration game.


3.   Use sunscreen

UV rays are extremely harmful, so you should never step out in the sun without protection. You should always put up on broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 to shield your skin from damage. Also, it will prevent the effects of your facial from fading away fast.


Take note that you should still apply sunscreen on your face during winter or cloudy days. Also, you can wear a hat or sunglasses to cover your face from direct sunlight.


4.   Eat healthily

Your face will thank you for eating a healthy diet. It’s time that you add more veggies and fruits to your shopping list to help with your overall skin regimen.


5.   Go for regular treatments

You should also consider getting touch-ups from one of your local facial spas. This way, you can sustain the benefits on your skin without the need to start over with an entire treatment.



Overall, you should know that the longevity of the benefits of facials depends on your skin type, lifestyle, and type of treatment. If you want to enjoy long-lasting results, you should consider getting regular sessions from a trusted facial spa. A quick facials near me search will surely give you a lot of options.