How Employment Lawyers Can Help You Manage Business and Employment Documents 

 How Employment Lawyers Can Help You Manage Business and Employment Documents 

One of the core services that we offer to our clients across Aberdeen and beyond is access to our annual retainer contract – a full 12-month rolling contract under a fixed fee, with access to legal support and advice, resources, training, and hands-on representation when needed. If you’re looking for employment lawyers in Aberdeen, this is a service which connects you with our team on an unlimited basis, all year round.

Employment documents form one of the key elements of this long term service, and match businesses and clients with the information they need to streamline their recruitment and onboarding processes, manage employees, and ensure that all contracts, policies, and procedures are clear and well defined.

With that said, how exactly do we achieve this and what changes can you expect to make under the advice and guidance of your employment law specialist?

How does our annual retainer service work?

Clients who opt for our fixed fee retainer service will pay a single fee to cover an entire year’s worth of legal support, covering a multitude of inhouse legal requirements concerned with both the management of employees and the creation of corporate policies and contracts.

In addition to supporting clients with documentation, our team are also experienced in representing retainer clients at tribunals and hearings and can become an extension of your team by offering tailored advice and hands-on support when it’s needed.

Regardless of how much you use this unlimited service during the course of your 12-month contract, the overriding benefit of the annual retainer service is the access to expert and specialist employment law support at all times.

Which areas of employment documentation do we help with? 

Of the three core touchpoints which make up our annual service, employment documentation support is the most commonly used – and remains the one service which is called upon by companies regardless of their size and the number of employees they have.

Despite the fact that contracts and policy documents often remain hidden in folders and filing cabinets, only ever read when references are directly required or asked for, these are among some of the most important components of your business as they depict exactly what your procedures and commitments to employees are.

As part of our service, we work with clients to review all existing documentation and suggest changes which can meet their needs while ensuring that the words they use and the documents they share are all legally binding and in line with industry requirements. Any legislation is taken into account, with your dedicated solicitor from Just Employment Law able to advise on any changes later down the line which may be required as a result of changes to the legal system.

In addition to contracts and policies, we also support our annual retainer clients in the creation of disciplinary letters, grievance letters, settlement agreements, letters of dismissal, and legal correspondence with trade unions.

You’re never alone with Just Employment Law

The main thing to note about our service, whether you’re motivated by the employment documentation support or hands-on advice, is that our annual retainer contracts means you are never alone. No matter what your business is facing, make sure you have the right support in place to come out the other side.

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