Gimkit: A platform for learning

Gimkit: A platform for learning

Gimkit is a game-show platform for learning through quizzes and helps you to improve your studies. 

This platform plays an important role in upgrading your studies through electronic devices without a specific place. You can use it from different areas where you have an internet connection and get knowledge. It also enables the students to use it via the game code by the teacher. The one student who created this game-show learning platform first. Then, the student created this game-show platform and now many improvements have been made with this platform. Teachers can also assign homework to a group of students as well as for independent practice. We will go into the depth of Gimkit in the article, so go through the article. 

Overview of Gimkit

Gimkit is an app-based quiz platform for students to easily join the live class and teachers can assign them homework. You can use it on PCs, laptops, and mobile phones. Teachers take advantage of this platform and take a live virtual class by sharing game code. By Futmax Students can easily complete their assigned project by making a group of students. They can also compete against each other by getting high score points in the app-based gaming quiz platform. 

Teachers can use the kits to make a quiz for students and students can also help the teachers by using a KitCollab feature. It offers many game modes to engage the students and teachers for a longer time. 

How does it help the teachers?

It helps the teachers by enabling them to perform checking and data analytics of the student quiz results.  Teachers can easily use the kits which are the set of questions and added by other users. They can modify those questions for their own use. Teachers can get questions from students by using the KitCollab feature. KitCollab feature enables the students to submit their questions to the teacher to make a kit. Teachers will be able to take live classes or give assignments for independent practice. They can easily set the deadline for assignments and check the report after each quiz game. Gimkit provides the controlling dashboard to the teachers. It also enables the teachers to import the questions from other sources or spreadsheets and in the quiz game. 

How students can improve their studies

This is a good opportunity for the students to improve their studies through this app-based game quiz platform. Students can easily join the live class through the game code from the teacher on their electronic devices. When the teacher is taking a live class students can join the live class via a classroom account. Students can get homework from the teacher and submit the answers even from their homes. With the help of correct answers, they can earn the virtual currency and invest the increase the score points. But keep in mind, that a wrong answer can cost the student. 

How to use the Gimkit?

  • Open the browser and search Gimkit and you can also use the app.
  • Then, sign up and enter your name and initial last. 
  • Press the teacher if you are and press the student if you are.
  • If you are a teacher then you will see the dashboard that provides the controls.
  • Students have the assignments and class options as well as Join the Game and Kits and more.

Both teachers and students can easily sign up with their current accounts. 

Closing Thoughts

Gimkit is really a wonderful game-show platform for learning and it also assists the teachers. Pixwox provides excellent functionality and some gameplay modes for the users. There are many features in this platform and free to use. It will also have the premium version. Both teachers can benefit from this app-based gaming platform.