Exploring the Cultural Attractions of Washington DC

Exploring the Cultural Attractions of Washington DC

Exploring the Cultural Attractions of Washington DC

When you think of Washington, DC, the first thing that pops into your mind is politics and power. 

But did you know the city has many cultural attractions to explore? 

From world-renowned museums to iconic monuments, there's something in DC for every culture vulture. Discover the country's capital's incredible culture by visiting the venues below.

Meridian Hill Park, Rhythm in the Park Drum Circle

Meridian Hill Park's weekly drum circle draws participants every Sunday at 3. Drummers, dancers, jugglers, and tightrope walkers from all walks of life perform at this cultural event. The drum circle in the park is a fun activity for the whole family. If you're over 21, you may enjoy a drink at one of D.C.'s top bars, the nearby Jack Rose Dining Saloon.

Gallery at Renwick

You can find the Renwick Gallery at the Smithsonian American Art. This Museum focuses on developing new forms of American visual expression. The Renwick Gallery also regularly hosts temporary shows that include modern craft. 

The gallery remains open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, and is conveniently located near the White House. The Renwick Gallery welcomes families with free admission and kid-friendly displays.

The O Street Mansion

The O Street Mansion is a unique and exciting destination in Washington, D.C. The mansion is a museum that showcases diverse design and aesthetic periods throughout history. 

The Mansion on O Street is famous for its hidden doors, secret rooms, and maze-like pathways. You can visit for the day or spend the night in a one-of-a-kind room in the hotel section. The accommodations are themed. You may especially like the safari room and the two-story log house! 


The East and West Buildings display international art from different eras. Visit the National Gallery of Art with plenty of time to see its 141,000 art pieces!

Monthly displays highlight artists from many eras and mediums at the gallery. The East Building has two tower galleries, a rooftop patio, and stunning staircases to all gallery floors. 

The Smithsonian Institution 

The Smithsonian Institution is one place you will want to take advantage of. It is often referred to as "the nation's attic." It’s no wonder since it houses an impressive collection of over 154 million items. You can encounter all the pieces spread across 19 museums and galleries. 

Here are a few standouts:

The National Air and Space Museum: This museum will take your breath away with its vast aviation and space artifacts. A few well-known artifacts include the Wright brothers' plane and Apollo 11 command module.

The American History Museum: A journey at the history museum will let you walk through America’s rich, complex past. Learn all about the Star-Spangled Banner and even Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers! 

National Museum of Natural History: At this museum, you’ll witness fossils, precious gems, and even live insects up close!

The Funk Parade on U-street

This free, one-of-a-kind parade event celebrates the spirit of funk. Its celebration centers around the appreciation of U Street's rich cultural legacy. 

See the street come to life with performances from artists of all stripes. During the parade, you can learn about the history of D.C.'s own Chuck Brown's go-go music. And, of course, you can revel in the Latin hip-hop, funk trumpets, and furious D.J. performances. 

JFK Performing Arts Center

The Center of John F. Kennedy for the Performing Arts showcases Washington, D.C.'s rich culture. The Millennium Stage in the Grand Foyer hosts over 2,000 free concerts and other activities at this institution. 

The Kennedy Center hosts Broadway, comedy, dance, and other shows. The hub mostly features shops and restaurants. It makes this cultural activity appropriate for an all-day experience. 

National Cherry Blossom Festival

When spring arrives, so does the National Cherry Blossom Festival. You must attend this annual celebration that honors the friendship between Japan and the United States. For two weeks, you're treated to an explosion of pink cherry blossoms around Tidal Basin, complemented by diverse events such as traditional music performances and sushi-making workshops.

Washington, DC, has also made progress toward legalizing marijuana. Enjoy it while you explore the city's rich cultural past. You may especially enjoy it during an outdoor festival! Washington, DC, makes it easy for ailing individuals to use cannabis-based treatments. Veriheal reveals more about medical marijuana on its website. 


Cultural landmarks in Washington, DC, have remained to capture the U.S. culture extensively. Every corner of this bustling city is ripe for in-depth discovery, from the Smithsonian Institution's informative museums to the NGA. These cultural scenes will always give you memories to last a lifetime.