Exploring the Charm of Kraft Box with Window for Your Products

Exploring the Charm of Kraft Box with Window for Your Products

Kraft box with window stands out among other packaging options for their aesthetic appeal. These boxes are a game-changer for businesses, creating a lasting impression. In addition, their eco-friendly nature causes no harm to the planet Earth. 


But their qualities do not end here. You need to know a lot more about the charm of kraft window packaging. 


This blog will delve into the world of kraft boxes with windows. We will explore their various types, benefits, and how they cater to customization needs.

Understanding Kraft Box with Window

Kraft box with window mainly consists of the two components. The kraft box and the PVC window. Below, we have described both primary components for your better understanding. 

  • Kraft Boxes: 

Let’s begin with the basics. Packaging manufacturers make kraft packaging boxes from durable and robust kraft paper. The origin of this material is wood pulp. Kraft has a natural brown color, which gives it a rustic feel. 


Due to their ability to be recycled and biodegraded, these boxes have grown in popularity as a sustainable option.

  • Window Design: 

The “window” in a kraft box refers to a transparent cut-out that allows a sneak peek of the contents inside. This design on custom printed kraft boxes adds an element of curiosity and elegance. 


In addition, it makes the packaging of your products more appealing. A kraft box with a window perfectly balances showcasing and protecting the product.

Types of Kraft Boxes with Windows

Mainly, there are two types of kraft boxes with windows: Kraft shipping boxes and black kraft boxes. 


Let’s explore their features below: 

  • Kraft Shipping Boxes: 

Kraft shipping boxes are highly beneficial for the e-commerce industry. These boxes give customers a memorable unboxing experience while safeguarding the contents during transit. A Kraft shipping box with a window previews the product, creating anticipation. Whether you sell clothing, food items, or accessories, these boxes are ideal for packaging. 

  • Black Kraft Boxes: 

Even though kraft paper’s classic brown color has charm, black kraft boxes with windows add a touch of sophistication. Kraft black boxes are stylish and contemporary, making them ideal for high-end goods. The window provides a unique touch that artfully highlights the product inside.

Benefits of Kraft Boxes with Windows

An old saying goes, “The first bite is with the eyes.” This statement clarifies the significance of the product presentation. In light of this, all you really need to advertise your product is an appealing appearance. 


And custom kraft boxes perfectly do that. And not just product presentation; kraft window boxes have many other advantages. Below, we have listed the prominent ones. 

  • Visual Appeal: 

The window in a kraft box adds an interactive element to the packaging. Consumers naturally desire to see what they purchase, and a transparent window can influence their buying decisions. Combining natural kraft paper and a clear window creates a visually appealing packaging box that catches the eye.

  • Product Protection: 

The window in a kraft box isn’t just about aesthetics. It is placed carefully to highlight the product without harming its security. The window is made of transparent plastic or biodegradable film to ensure the product is visible and protected from handling, dust, and moisture.

  • Eco-Friendly Appeal: 

Kraft box with window is ideal for companies that place a high priority on sustainability. These kraft paper packaging boxes materials are recyclable and biodegradable and align with environmental values. 


Designing the window film with sustainable materials (biodegradable plastic) makes the whole packaging box eco-friendly. 

Customization: Capturing the Buyers at First Sight 

Kraft material allows customization in two ways: 

  • Custom Kraft Boxes: 

The adaptability of boxes kraft with windows is one of their most exciting features. To meet their branding needs, businesses can easily have these boxes customized. There are many options for customizing window kraft boxes. These include: 


  • window size 
  • window shape  
  • window design


You can experiment with new window design ideas to create unique product packaging boxes. 

  • Custom Printed Kraft Boxes: 

Adding a personal touch can go a long way toward leaving a lasting impression. Custom printed kraft boxes with windows allow businesses to showcase their logo, tagline, or any design that reflects their identity. This improves brand recognition and gives the packaging a polished appearance.

The Bottom Line 

Kraft box with window offers a unique packaging solution for various products. These boxes meet a variety of needs, whether you are a large e-commerce company looking to improve the unboxing experience or a small business hoping to make a significant impression. 


The interaction between the kraft’s rustic charm and the window’s transparency makes the packaging useful. So, if you want packaging that tells a story, consider the versatile beauty of kraft window boxes. 

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