Bridal Beauty Beyond White: Exploring Colorful and Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses

Bridal Beauty Beyond White: Exploring Colorful and Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses

Bridal Beauty Beyond White: Exploring Colorful and Non-Traditional Wedding Dresses

If the word bridal wear pops a white gown inside your head, you are not alone. But who said a dress must be in a pristine shade of white? A wedding is an occasion sprinkled with love, memories, and grandeur. Above all, every bride-to-be dreams of a perfect wedding dress. It is a colorful world, and we believe it's time to embrace a broader spectrum in our bridal wear. Just like our tagline, 'Every Body is a Bridal Body,' every color is a bridal color too, and one must be unfazed in adding colors to their dreamy bridal gowns. 

The History of White Wedding Dresses 

The idea of wearing a white gown for a wedding is not as conventional as we all think. In fact, before the Victorian Era, brides wore the best dress in their collection regardless of the hue. Queen Victoria's wedding dress in 1840 sparked the white trend and stayed the same for centuries. However, Queen Victoria was a trendsetter herself and did something that was considered non-traditional during her times.  

Until then, wearing colorful dresses was a norm across the world. Red was a prevalent color that women in the Asian continent wore. Red gowns signify luck in Chinese weddings. Indian brides chose to wear bright red, gold, and green colors. Even today, some parts of the world stay unaffected by the white trend and wear colorful yet traditional outfits of their ethnicity and culture. 

Beyond Tradition: The Colourful Revolution


These days brides are choosing to break away from tradition. They wish to explore bridal wear and look unique. Every bride wants to be a trendsetter and be the Victoria of our times. Brides are proving that their wedding attire should not be boxed into a singular shade. From soft pastels like blush pink and powder blue to bold statements in black or gold, the wedding aisle looks like a vibrant runway.

Colors often hold symbolic meaning and have a story to convey. Blue signifies purity and love, pink embodies romance, and gold radiates prosperity. By picking a shade of their choice, brides can tell people without telling them what they feel. The choice of colors is also influenced by the groom's attire. The couple who tries to match their outfit also pick colors that complement each other's looks. 

Embrace Every Size and Shape


Another critical aspect that helps push the boundaries in bridal fashion is the understanding that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. One old-school thought about fashion is correlating body types to certain styles. This thought about fashion is not so fashionable. A style must be all-inclusive when it comes to body types. A bride deserves to feel confident and gorgeous in whatever they choose to wear. People should understand that every size is beautiful and is a perfect fit to be styled.

However, this inclusivity goes beyond size. Non-traditional wedding dresses are about embracing personal choices. Whether it's a pantsuit for the bride who doesn't fancy a gown or a cultural fusion of designs that tells a love story crossing borders, it's all about what makes the bride feel unique and comfortable.

Dare to Be Different

It is ultimately the bride's choice as to how they want to look on their wedding day. It can be traditional or trendy, or fusion. But it is essential to understand that a non-traditional wedding dress is not about rebelling. Instead, it is about authenticity.

A colorful dress can be a conversation starter, a reflection of a bride's personality, her partner's, or even their love story. Furthermore, non-white dresses often provide more versatility. They can be worn on other occasions, serving as a consistent reminder of the joyous wedding day.



The key takeaway? The winds of change are blowing in the bridal fashion industry. Your wedding day is uniquely yours. Whether you choose lavender, metallics, deep black, or stick with classic white, remember that "Every Body is a Bridal Body." Every shape, size, and shade must have a space in the bridal world. In this celebration of love, let your attire resonate with your story, making your day as vibrant or traditional as you wish. No matter how wild your dreams are, we can turn that into reality.