Back To School Survival Tips & Looks. Smiley Hats & Striped Socks For The Win!

Hey, Mama! As the summer breeze fades away and the back-to-school hustle begins, it’s time to channel your inner superhero and embrace a new set of challenges. We know that handling school schedules, lunch prep, and extracurricular activities can feel like a lot, but fear not! We’ve got your back with these 20 fantastic back-to-school survival tips. Plus: help your cuties get excited with some new digs. Check out Rey to Z’s adorable smiley hats, striped socks, and custom baseball caps for the whole fam.


Let’s dive in and conquer this exciting yet demanding time with grace and ease!

10 Back To School Survival Tips:


1. Create Your Command Center

Imagine a world where chaos takes a back seat. Set up a central hub with a bulletin board, whiteboard, or digital calendar to keep track of school events, appointments, and essential lists. This command center becomes your secret weapon against last-minute scrambles. Bonus: Create a place to dro0p and pick up belongings like shoes, backpacks and, of course, your Rey to Z custom baseball caps!


2. Be a Lunch Prep Pro

Lunches can be a tricky dance, but with a little preparation, you can make it a breeze. Involve your kids in meal planning, pre-pack lunches the night before, and opt for reusable containers to go green. Don’t forget to add a sweet note or doodle to brighten up their day!


3. Carve Out a Homework Nook

No more kitchen table battles during homework time. Create a cozy, well-lit homework nook with personalized supplies, comfy seating, and inspiring artwork. This dedicated space helps your kids focus and develop solid study habits.


4. Embrace the Magic of Routines

Routines might sound dull, but they’re game-changers. Set up consistent morning and bedtime routines, adding predictability and security to your kids’ lives. Remember, routines can be flexible to accommodate life’s surprises.


5. Rule with Meal Planning

Between school runs and after-school activities, dinner can be daunting. Meal planning is your superpower here. Dedicate time each week to plan meals, create shopping lists, and prep ingredients ahead. Batch cooking and freezing meals are your allies on hectic days.


6. Connect with Fellow Moms

Remember, you’re not alone in this journey. Connect with other moms through local parenting groups, school events, and online forums. Share experiences, swap tips, and potentially make lifelong friends who understand your joys and challenges.


7. Prioritize Self-Care

Moms, it’s essential to prioritize yourself. Schedule regular “me time” for reading, baths, or catching up on your favorite shows. A well-rested and happy mom is better equipped to handle the demands of superhero life.


8. Super Kids, Super Organizers

Teach your kids organization skills early on. Make cleaning up, sorting belongings, and packing school bags a fun activity. Turn it into a game or dance to upbeat music while tidying up.


9. Keep the Channels Open

Set aside daily time for open conversations with your kids. Ask about their day, friends, and the challenges they’re facing. Strengthen your bond and stay informed about their lives.


10. Celebrate the Little Victories

In the hustle of daily life, celebrate small wins! Did your child conquer a tough assignment? Give them a high-five. Managed to pack a healthy lunch amidst chaos? You’re a lunch-packing champ. These celebrations keep positivity flowing.



11. Remember, You’re the Hero

As the school year ramps up, remember that each day is a chance for growth and cherished memories. With an organized routine, a splash of self-care, and a pinch of humor, you’re equipped to conquer this year like the superstar mom you are.


12. Start Your Day with a Power Routine

Kick off your mornings with a set wake-up time and a nutritious breakfast ritual. This sets a positive tone for the day ahead and keeps the chaos at bay.


13. Prepare for Tomorrow, Today

Prep for the next day the night before. Lay out clothes, pack bags, and ensure everything is ready to go. This simple step reduces morning stress and helps your day begin smoothly.


14. Engage in Weekend Wind-Down

Use weekends to wind down and recharge. Plan family activities, movie nights, or outdoor adventures. It’s a chance for quality time and relaxation.


15. Delegate and Conquer

Don’t hesitate to delegate tasks. Whether it’s involving your partner or assigning age-appropriate chores to your kids, teamwork makes the superhero dream work.


16. Stay Tech-Savvy

Embrace technology to stay organized. Use apps for scheduling, meal planning, and communication. Technology can be a valuable ally in managing your superhero life.


17. Spice Up Study Time

Make study sessions exciting by incorporating games, challenges, and interactive activities. Learning becomes a fun adventure for your kids.


18. Batch Errands for Efficiency

Save time by batching errands. Combine grocery shopping, school pickups, and other tasks to minimize unnecessary trips.


19. Learn the Art of Flexibility

Stay flexible and adapt to changing situations. Life is unpredictable, but your ability to roll with the punches makes you an unstoppable force.


20. Reflect and Recharge

At the end of each day, take a moment to reflect on your accomplishments. Practice gratitude and recharge for the next day’s adventures.


There you go, mama. You’ve just unlocked the ultimate back-to-school survival guide. As the school year unfolds, remember that every day is an opportunity for growth, learning, and cherished memories. With an organized routine, self-care, and your unique superpowers, you’re destined for a successful and joyful academic year alongside your amazing kiddos. Take time to really soak it all in. Look at the paintings your kiddos come home with and try to imagine what their day is like. Listen intently as they tell you their playground tales. Be present. Before you know it, they will be packing up for college. You’ve got this mama!


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