A Taste of Pakistan – A Culinary Tour of Lahore and Beyond

A Taste of Pakistan – A Culinary Tour of Lahore and Beyond

You’ve never experienced food like this. A burst of flavor hits your tongue with every bite of the fragrant biryani, the aroma of exotic spices wafting up from the plate. Lahore is a food lover’s paradise, the cultural capital of Pakistan and a city obsessed with eating. 

As you wander the bustling streets, the sizzle of meat on grills and chatter of patrons fill the air. This is a place where life revolves around meals shared with friends and family, a place where hospitality is measured by how well you can feed your guests. 

Get ready for a culinary tour like no other, from the lively food stalls of Liberty Market to the upscale restaurants of Gulberg. The diversity of flavors in Lahore reflects the city itself: bold, vibrant and always welcoming. A taste of the food here is a taste of the very soul of Pakistan. This is Lahore, through its cuisine.

Exploring the Flavors of Lahore

The flavors of Lahore will delight all your senses. As you explore the city, be sure to sample some of these culinary treats.


This rich stew is Lahore’s most famous dish. Made with beef or lamb and a variety of spices like cardamom, cloves, and chili peppers, nihari is usually eaten for breakfast with fried bread like sheermal or naan to soak up the flavorful sauce. The hearty and aromatic stew is perfect for a brisk morning.


A porridge-like dish of lentils, wheat, and meat slow-cooked for up to 12 hours. The ingredients are ground into a thick paste, perfect for a satisfying and protein-packed meal. Haleem is especially popular during Ramadan, when people break their fast at sundown.


These savory snacks are sold by street vendors all over Lahore. There are many varieties of chaat, which combine ingredients like potatoes, chickpeas, yogurt, and a variety of chutneys and spices. Panipuri, gol gappay, bhel puri, and dahi bhalle are some of the most common types of chaat.


A popular frozen dairy dessert, kulfi comes in flavors like pistachio, almond, and saffron. Denser and creamier than ice cream, kulfi is made from sweetened condensed milk and often contains nuts or other mix-ins. Beat the Lahore heat with a cool kulfi as you explore the city.

The variety of flavors in Lahore is unparalleled. Whether you want a hearty breakfast, quick snack, or sweet treat, the city offers culinary delights to satisfy every craving. Come with an empty stomach—you’ll want to try them all!

The Best Restaurants in Islamabad for Authentic Pakistani Cuisine

If you want to experience authentic Pakistani cuisine, head to Islamabad where traditional dishes reign supreme. Here are some of the best spots to get your fill of flavorful curries, grilled meats, and fresh-baked naan.

Burning Brownie

This hip cafe is a favorite for delicious yet affordable fare. Their menu features classics like haleem, a hearty lentil and beef stew, and chapati rolled flatbreads. For something sweet, order their namesake burning brownie with ice cream.

Salt N Pepper Village

For an upscale take on Punjabi cooking, try this popular restaurant located within the scenic Margalla Hills. They’re known for gourmet versions of butter chicken, seekh kebabs, and mutton karahi. Their clay oven also churns out some of the softest, fluffiest naan in the city.


If dining with a view is your thing, head to Monal. Perched in the Margalla Hills, this multi-level restaurant offers panoramic vistas of the city. They serve high-quality Pakistani and continental cuisine, but people flock here for the ambiance. Come for sunset and stay for signature dishes like Monal chicken tikka and chapli kebabs.

From street-side stalls to fine dining, Islamabad has something for every taste and budget. With such a variety of authentic flavors, you’ll want to savor every bite of this culinary paradise. Why not book a food tour and graze your way through the best of what this city has to offer? Your taste buds will thank you.