8 Easy Tips to Help You Grow Your YouTube Channel  

8 Easy Tips to Help You Grow Your YouTube Channel  

A solid YouTube presence can be very rewarding in terms of ad money, partnerships, and paid promotions. However, building an audience and increasing engagement are some of the challenges you have to face first. But with the right strategy, you can achieve these quite easily.   

Before getting into the actual tips, always remember to upload high-resolution videos. Upload videos with HD or above resolution. Contact the Optimum customer service number or reach out to your ISP and explain your internet needs for a suitable plan. But uploading with the right resolution is just one thing, there are various other aspects you should be careful of.   

Check out these 9 tips to help you:   

Follow the Trend  

One of the biggest mistakes many YouTubers make is not being aware of the trends. If something is a trend, it means the audience is interested in watching it. So, don’t just be aware of the trends, but follow your relevant ones as well.   

There are two advantages of following trends. The first one is that more people search for videos relevant to a trend. It automatically increases your chances to be discovered. Secondly, the algorithms can give your videos opportunities to appear against search results or somewhere in relevant videos.   

Create Content That Complies with Your Niche  

Creating your unique YouTube persona is important. But first, you have to choose a niche you want to stick to with your content creation. When you don’t select a niche of your content, you may not get the type of response you want.   

It is because the audience who discovers your content may not connect with the other videos you upload. So, it is best to choose what you are passionate about and make it your niche. This way, the audience you build will have similar preferences as your content. Thus, growing your number of subscribers can be easier.   

Leverage YouTube Shorts  

Shorts is YouTube’s take on TikTok format vertical videos. Now when a user opens the YouTube app on a phone, it starts with Shorts. The short videos that appear on your screen are based on your video streaming preferences.   

As a creator, you can leverage this YouTube feature to your advantage. The algorithm can push your short videos on the timeline of your potential audience. So, these videos can get you both subscribers and engagement.    

Creative Video Thumbnails  

A factor that gets the viewers’ attention on a video is the thumbnail. A thumbnail is an image you see on a video. If you check out the content of popular YouTubers, almost everyone has videos with creative thumbnails that get a viewer’s attention. Therefore, creating better and more engaging thumbnails should be something you should not miss out on. Otherwise, no matter how good your content is, many viewers might not even click on your videos. But on the flip side, your thumbnails can significantly boost your website traffic.   

Interact with Your Audience  

One effective way of boosting your YouTube engagement and retaining your audience is to interact with your audience. Usually, YouTubers who actively interact with their audience have a better audience retention rate. Reply to their comments and like comments too. Also, you can pin your favorite comment.   

Invest Time in Editing  

Shooting videos is one thing but making those videos stand out requires effort in editing. If you are not good at editing, consider taking some courses to get started. Also, buy editing software suitable to your needs. Lastly, consider upgrading your PC as editing software generally requires high specs. A PC with low specifications may not be able to edit and render the videos. So, start saving for one if you don’t already have a decent editing PC.   

Make Use of Watch Next End Screens  

When a viewer who is truly engaged by your content watches your video, the chances are that they may want to stream more content by you. YouTube has a feature that lets you push your other videos to such viewers. You can do this easily by making use of the “watch next” screens.   

However, it is best to create relevance with your videos. Link up the videos in the watch next screens with similar content. This way you have a better chance of engaging your audience with the next videos.  

Use Your Social Media to Stay Connected with the Audience  

Almost everyone is on social media and that includes your audience as well. So, why not connect to them there as well? You can share your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter handles with your audience. You can share news, memes, or whatever you prefer. An effective presence on social media may actually help you increase your audience and boost your content on YouTube.   

Apply these tips and you will be noticing growth. 

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