5 Types of Carps You Should be “Fishing” For

5 Types of Carps You Should be “Fishing” For

5 Types of Carps You Should be "Fishing" For


Fishing with family and friends is one of the things we always look forward to, as it is fun and full of wonderful memories. Similarly, if someone is a literature fan, they must agree on the intense moments of The Old and The Sea, where the old man gave us various life lessons. 

Conversely, we are not here to discuss that. Rather, we will focus today on the freshwater fish you can catch. Hence, it will be one of the most popular fish, Carps. 

So, we need to know -

What Are Carps?

Carps are deep-bodied freshwater fish with barbels around the mouth. They are farmed for food, mostly in some parts of the world, mainly in Japan and the UK. Fish farmers keep them in large ponds and feed them. 

Hence, once they are grown, they enjoy it with friends and family or sell it. 

Since we are talking of Carps, here are a few - 

Types Of Carps You Can Fish For 

Here are a few Carps you can follow when you fish for when you visit the lake or pond with your family - 

Type 1: Common Carp 

Well, the name gives a broader idea of what we are discussing. Common carp can easily be recognized by their entire body being covered with small scales in a replicate pattern. Generally, common carp have two barbules on each side of the mouth. 

They are one of the ordinary-looking fish found in every pond or lake you go fishing for. Common Carps are soft and are easy to catch. Hence, if you want to take your child fishing, helping him see Common Carp can greatly help you. 

Type 2: Mirror Carp 

This type is different from the original carp family. Mirror carp have large and small irregular scales scattered across the body. Even some of the patterns form the formation of a fully scaled design. Further, a mirror carp with a linear way has one single row of scales running down its body. 

They are known for irregular scales, making them different from the other carp and helping fishermen and people to catch fish easily. They can even weigh up to 100 lbs with proper food and care. 

Type 3: Leather Carp

It is similar to mirror carp and comes with smaller scales, and they have a leather effect on their skin, which makes them different from other carp species. They have very sparse scales around the body, with 3 and 4 rankings on the wrist of their tail and along the dorsal line. 

Fishermen generally recognize them due to their leather-type skin, which helps them to increase their visibility in the pond. Further, they have punctured dorsal fins, which means they have missing rays. 

Unlike the other two fishes, it is low in fat reserves and remains dormant during the winter. So, the best time to fish them is summertime. 

Type 4: Grass Carp 

They are different from their three predecessors, as they are different in shape. Often, people say that they look more chub than carp. They have an elongated body with small scales tightly packed to cover the whole body. 

Like the other three species, they are often delicate surface feeders and do not come with barbules. They are one of the hardest fishes to catch. Also, they grow larger in shape and size across Europe, especially the largest carp in France.  

Even with anglers carp baits, they need to pay more attention to the appeal, which makes it more difficult for fishermen to catch. Similarly, if you are looking for the best carp fishing bait, you can visit the website of Bait Works.  

Type 5: Crucian Carp 

They are unique, especially among the number of carp in the world. Crucian Carp are soft and come with coarse anglers. They also belong to the category that needs to be caught. 

They are delicate feeders with no barbules on the face. And as they are tender, they are hard for fishermen to detect or catch properly. They come close to common carp with similar scale patterns, which are small and have a distinctive lateral line with a gold tint on the body. 

Carps Are Best To Catch And Eat 

In the end, if you want to cook a delicious fish recipe, visiting a freshwater pond to catch a Carp should be your goal. Further, if parents are looking to go on a trip with their kids, then we think visiting a freshwater lake or pond is a good spot to catch fish and increase the family bond.