10 Meaningful Tattoo Ideas For Women

10 Meaningful Tattoo Ideas For Women

We all adore tattoos but instead of inking our bodies with some random tattoo, we can choose a tattoo with meaning that may represents our family, or a memory or even a saying and then they become an emotion and reminds us with memories and keep us motivated.

Most of the women prefer to ink their bodies with tattoo with deep meaning or tattoos with meaning for family.

In today’s blog let’s check trending tattoo ideas for women with meaning in it.


1. Family Tree Tattoo

Family is important, they don’t just provide us but they share love, support and guide us for good life. Getting a tattoo with meaning for family is a way for us to recollect all the things related to our beloved ones.

Family tree tattoo is a design of tree with branches and various family members’ names on it which symbolises strong bond and love we share with our family members.



2. Matching Family Tattoos

This is a marvellous option of tattoo design with deep meaning; this type of designs can be shared among your siblings or in between partners as an act of love and loyalty and to represent their relationship.

These matching family tattoos can be a name like the surname they share or a symbol they are connected to. You can also get such matching designs as mother daughter tattoos.



3. Family Forever Tattoo


As the word suggests, this tattoo design has a deep meaning which interprets that family is your top priority and you always keep them in first place no matter what. There are several interpretations in this design like you can get the whole phrase inked or just family word joined with infinity symbol to show eternity. You can get this tattoo on your body where you can look at it every day.



4. Small Family Tattoo


This is a cheaper and cute option you should consider while getting a tattoo. There is no such need that you should get a large tattoo to exhibit your love for someone or your family.

By getting small family tattoo, you can reduce discomfort while getting inked and small tattoos are easy to cover.

These tattoo designs with meaning for women comes in words, little designs, animal family designs or names.



5. Name Tattoo


Name tattoos are very simple and may not look as a fancy option but there is so much variation in terms of design. You can embrace names in your tattoo by including different designs in it.

For example, you can go for a name and a heart for tattoo design for your someone special, mother, father or a sibling.



6. Baby Steps Tattoo


If you are loving parents who feels blessed for the presence of your children in your life then this is a great option. This design has baby footsteps and names written beside the footsteps and you can add more footsteps and names when you have more children.



7. Important Date Tattoo


This is a tattoo design with deep meaning for family where you can get a tattoo which has an important date related to you and your family which may be a birth day or a marriage day or a day when your biggest dream of life has fulfilled.



8. Looking at the Stars


This is an adorable cute option where all the family members or just a couple is outdoor looking at the stars. You can add colours to this tattoo or just have it in its original format.



9. A Portrait Tattoo


A Portrait tattoo is a pictorial representation of your favourite family member, this tattoo is like getting a photo copy of your loved one on your body so that you can see them whenever you want.



10. Beautiful Flowers

This tattoo design is for women when you get a beautiful flower and the stem ends with the name of your sister, mother, partner or your child’s name. This tattoo design looks elegant and special.