Wood Siding Design Trends: Modernizing Custom Home Exteriors

Wood Siding Design Trends: Modernizing Custom Home Exteriors

Wood Siding Design Trends: Modernizing Custom Home Exteriors

Wood siding has always been a go-to choice for landlords who want to give their custom built homes a sophisticated look with aesthetic effect. Homeowners today want their exteriors to match their vision. The wood siding trend is gaining momentum in this fast-paced modern era.

We often focus on the interiors of our homes, but it's the exterior that makes the first impression. So that is what we are going to cover for you in this article. Let us guide you on how to bring fresh and exciting updates to your home exteriors.

Forget about those old-fashioned and unpolished wooden exteriors which fade away with the passing of time. We no longer live in an era where we have to compromise on the quality and durability of wood sidings. In this modernizing era, we are loaded with options from which we can choose and get installed with ease. At the same time, you don't have to compromise with the quality.

But wait, we're not done yet! We are not stopping with just wood. Nowadays there are sidings that look just like wood but actually, they aint wood in real. You might be wondering how, Well, this is done by mixing metal or glass with wood siding that results in eye-catching contrasts with a modern feel. This will undoubtedly make your home stand out in your neighborhood.

To sum it up, wood siding design trends are stepping up to give traditional home exteriors a modern makeover which would enhance the overall look of your custom built homes. From minimalist lines to eco-friendly options, you've got a wide range of choices to make your home look fresh and fabulous while still enjoying that natural wood essence.

Popular Types of Wood Siding Trends in Modern Home Exteriors

When it comes to modern home exteriors, wood siding is experiencing a revival with some popular and exciting trends. Let's take a look at a few of them:

1. Vertical Siding

Vertical wood siding is gaining popularity because of its contemporary design choice. In this type, instead of the traditional horizontal orientation, vertical planks are placed, creating a sleek and modern appearance. 

This style is made up of short-width boards that are placed upright from top to bottom. And because it is installed in a vertical pattern, water doesn't accumulate on the top as it does with horizontal siding. This leads to better durability of this type of siding.

2. Shou Sugi Ban

Shou sugi Ban is a traditional wood siding technique based in Japan. It is an ancient technique brought back to life with improved technology. In this technique, the surface of the wood siding is oxidized which creates an eye-catching smoky look. 

This process involves burning the surface of the wood, cooling it down, cleaning off the burnt remains, and then finishing the board by applying oil. If you are someone who likes to have a modern siding design with a traditional touch then this would be a good choice to go for.

3. Mixed Materials

The mixed material is a type of siding design in which wood is paired or mixed up with one or more materials. The mixed material is a growing trend in modern home exteriors. In this technique, the wood is combined with other elements like metal, glass, or concrete. The best thing that mixing up elements provides is durability. 

As it is obvious that wood is prone to exploitation with the passing of time, but mixing it with other elements enhances its durability. By installing this type of siding you can make your sidings sustainable for generations.

4. Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed Wood is a Sustainable and eco-friendly choice that is becoming very significant in modern siding design. Using reclaimed wood for siding gives your home a unique and rustic plain charm. The usage of reclaimed wood also reduces environmental impact, as reclaimed wood is basically recycled wood. Each piece of reclaimed wood carries its own history, adding character to your home's exterior and bringing value to your walls. 

5. Live Edge Wood Siding

Live edge wood siding is becoming more popular because of its exposed natural look that looks natural with a modern touch. In this technique, one side of the wooden board is left uncut. Such that the natural curves of the tree are intentionally left to be exposed. Live edge siding is generally made with hardwoods like walnut, cedar, and oak. 

Though live edge siding is difficult to acquire because of its high price. The craftsmanship of this type of siding takes time because of its uniqueness. If you are someone who likes to give their home a natural finish then this is the best choice for you.

6. Engineered Wood Siding With Textured Finishes

Engineered wood siding is an alternative to real wood siding. It is typically made up of thin strips of wooden leftovers. These wooden leftovers are pressed and bonded together with resin. This resin makes the siding resistant to rot and instant as compared to real wood sidings. This resin surface also does not peel as quickly as real wood. Although it can crack and fade over time. However, engineered wood siding has a significant drawback in that it is just as vulnerable to moisture as real wood.

So these are some top wood siding trends that you can install to enhance the look of your home. Who does not want custom built homes which would reflect their vision and taste? This guide helps you out with choosing the apt wood siding design. 

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, folks! When it comes to modern home exteriors, wood siding trends are all you need to install to level up your home and stand out in your neighborhood. The wood siding trend is all about combining classic charm with a modern touch.

The major reason behind the boost of the wood siding trend is its sustainability and aesthetic eco-friendly touch. If you are someone who likes to feel connected to nature then why wait? These top wood siding trends are exactly what you are looking for. It's the natural beauty and cozy vibes make it a top choice for homeowners and designers.

The durability, versatility, and flexibility will make your home stand strong for years to come. Then why wait? This article covers all aspects of modern wood siding designs. The time has come to give your home exterior an ultimate upgrade and let your home shine. Happy living!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is wood siding a sustainable choice?

Yes, wood siding can be sustainable, especially when using reclaimed wood and mixed material wood.

  1. How long does wood siding typically last?

With proper maintenance, wood siding can last 20 to 40 years or more, depending on the type of wood and environmental conditions.

  1. Can wood siding withstand harsh weather?

Yes, wood siding can be durable and withstand harsh weather conditions, especially when treated or protected with finishes and sealants.

  1. Is wood siding high-maintenance?

Wood siding does require regular maintenance, including staining or painting, and periodic inspections for any signs of damage or rot.

  1. Can wood siding be installed on any type of home?

Wood siding is versatile and can be installed on various types of homes, including traditional, contemporary, and even historic designs.

  1. How does wood siding compare to other siding materials?

Wood siding offers natural beauty and warmth that some other materials can't replicate, but it does require more maintenance compared to low-maintenance options like vinyl or fiber cement siding.