What to do in Georgia

What to do in Georgia


The summer is right around the corner. So it is time to plan not only your next session of pokies but also your next trip. We have a secret tip for you. the South Caucasus. More precisely Georgia. This country has many things to offer.


Martvili Canyon

Now it becomes picturesque: North of the village Martvili the water has dug a canyon into the rock, which is ideal for a boat trip on the river. Martvili canyon is a popular attraction and delights visitors. The turquoise-green water and the enchanted surroundings are reminiscent of a fairy-tale landscape.

Simply unforgettable: the Martwili Canyon in the Samegrelo region, a province in western Georgia.

Those who prefer to explore the natural wonder on foot can also set off along various hiking trails along the canyon. The trails are usually a pleasant length of about 700 meters.

Tea plantation of Guria

In fact, Guria is one of the smallest regions in Georgia. Due to its protected and humid location in the Colchian Plain on the Rioni River, the place offers ideal conditions for tea cultivation.

In Guria, you'll enjoy a slice of authentic Georgian life and see how the popular tea is grown.

Georgia was an important tea supplier in the Soviet Union, however many plantations went wild after the collapse of the Eastern Bloc. Nowadays, tea is being diligently cultivated again and tea lovers will get their money's worth here - besides, they can learn a lot about the history of Georgian tea in Guria.


In Ushguli you will come across a romantic mountain village, where less than 300 people live. The small village is located at 2200 meters above sea level, making it the highest permanently populated village in Europe. The surroundings offer unique panoramas, as Ushguli is surrounded by mountains all around - an absolute dream.

In good weather conditions you can even see the highest mountain in Georgia: Shchara, 5068 meters high. To get there, however, you have to take a lot of effort, because the way there is very difficult.

You can either hike for several days or take the bus. However, this takes you over extremely bumpy roads and, depending on where you start, takes several hours. Nevertheless, Ushguli is worth the effort it takes to get there.

Vardsia Cave Town

On the border with Turkey, you'll find the unique cave town of Vardsia. It is located in the south of Georgia and was carved out of the tuff by hand in 1185. The fascinating thing about it is that not only residential caves were carved into it, but also a church, stables, a library, bathing pools and a pharmacy.

All these facilities were placed on 13 floors, forming the city. It was even provided with its own water supply, which comes from the mineral springs of the mountain. An absolute architectural phenomenon that you should not miss during your trip to Georgia.

Fortified church Ananuri

The fortified church of Ananuri is located on the shore of the Tskhinvali reservoir on the Army Road and dates back to the 16th and 17th centuries. The fortress offers a picturesque view of the emerald waters of the lake, which will certainly not disappoint you.

In good weather, you can also enjoy a picnic on the shore and take a boat ride across the lake. This offers you a new perspective and a very special view. The hills around the weir complex, covered with lush green trees, round off the ambience and make the church a place that should not be missed on any sightseeing tour.