Ways to Personalise the Garden of a Rental

Ways to Personalise the Garden of a Rental

We get it – it’s summer time and you want to be able to enjoy the garden or outside space surrounding your property, your way. It might mean creating shaded areas for relaxing with a book, adding more colour to the flower beds, or updating the layout to make the space safer and more enjoyable for kids as well as adults.

However, when it comes to rental properties, there are a few obstacles in your way. The first is the fact that structural and lasting changes require the consent of your Landlord. Then there’s the fact that major changes to the outside space of a rental property means investing in an area that you do not own.

All in all, there’s a fine line between making the garden or outside space your own and enjoying it as it is without channelling too much time and financial investment into it.

To help you maximise the enjoyment of your garden in a rental property, we reached out to our letting agents in Romford for their advice and ideas.

Use planters as an alternative to ground flower beds

If you’re someone who wants to grow your own herbs, add colourful flowers to the border of a rental garden, or support local wildlife by creating habitats through native flora and fauna, then consider standalone planters rather than digging up the ground. This creates an efficient use of space which is just as well suited to areas of patio as grassy gardens, and lets you benefit from all the colour with none of the lasting damage to the lawn. A great way of keeping both you and the landlord happy!

Invest in furniture and accessories that you can move with you

Perhaps the easiest way of adding your personality to a rental property, both inside and out, is through the furniture and accessories that you bring to the space. Investing in some lounge seats, an outdoor dining set, and even some outdoor rugs and beanbags is an excellent way of adding your own creative energy to the space – making it functional and comfortable for you, with the benefit of being able to take everything you buy with you if and when you leave.

Temporary lights are an excellent alternative to wall lights

There are so many different ways of lighting your garden or outside space, that don’t require long term wall fittings. Solar lights which can be stood in plant pots or in grass are a fun way of creating an atmosphere throughout your garden, while fairy lights add a sense of magic and whimsy to even the blandest of outside spaces.

To add a pool of light to a larger area of patio, suitable for dining or drinks with friends, standing lights are another option which are more versatile than wall lights and can be moved across your space as required.

All of these ideas can help to make the outside space around your property your own, without investment – and without having to reach out to the landlord for permission to make changes. We consider that to be a win-win – what do you think?