Vaping and Vacations: How Elfbar E-cigarettes are Changing Travel Habits

Vaping and Vacations: How Elfbar E-cigarettes are Changing Travel Habits

People like to travel at different times of the year whether during summer or winter and traveling with belongings is normal; however one item that is increasingly becoming a thing for travelers are vapes, some of which can be purchased at the Swiss Elfbar Store. Whether you know this or not, Elfbar e cigarettes are changing the travel habits of many more than ever before.

Before now, tobacco cigars and cigarettes were a thing for smokers but we are beginning to see a significant number of people who have switched to vaping. If you are into vaping and will be traveling with your vaping kits you should know that not all countries allow it. In fact, vaping has been banned or partially banned in a few countries. This is why when you are planning for a trip you should do your due diligence. Here are some country where vaping has been banned

Brazil – Brunei – Argentina – East Timor – Hong Kong – Gambia – Jordan – Iran – Cambodia – Oman – Qatar – Thailand – Turkmenistan – Taiwan – Singapore – Venezuela – Uruguay – Uganda – Lebanon

Before now there were no laws for or against vaping but as the trend became common among a wider population many governments initiated policies to control or prevent it. Furthermore, the laws have continued to change and can be confusing so we recommend checking the vaping laws a few days before your trip.

How e Cigarettes Are Changing Travel Habits?

E Cigarettes have become the number one lifestyle product on a global scale today. For traditional smokers, many would rather prefer to arrive at their destination before buying a cigarette pack if they are sure of getting their favorite brand but this is not the case with vape enthusiasts. Vapers, like we prefer to call them, now travel with their kits wherever they go.

Still on ways, e-cigarettes keep changing travel habits, the kits sold at a Swiss Elfbar store helps users break through the social taboos of smoking. Unlike tobacco users, we have found non-smokers who are more amenable to vapers than traditional smokers which is a huge plus.

As a traveler, you don’t have to worry about social taboos in other lands you intend to travel to if you stick to vaping as long as it is not illegal.

Vaping On The Beach

An Elfbar vape can also be used on the beach since beaches are open air places. Generally, smoking in open air spaces is not illegal in most countries so you can equally vape in such an area without drawing negative remarks or looks. 

The creators at Elfbar also put a lot of effort into different designs to ensure that users have options to pick from. Fortunately, vapes don’t have a single design as they can come in different shapes and sizes.  Better still is the fact that you can own a vape that looks nothing like a vape. Discretion is one of the two features of Elfbar vapes and fans will appreciate this above anything else. Some even come with concealed cases for extra safety, not to mention the small, portable sizes of a majority of them.

You can make your next trip a memorable one and make vaping a part of your overall experience with Elfbar e cigarettes. You can vape on the road and in open places by choosing a long of the varieties of flavors and designs offered to customers. Just take your time to visit the Swiss Elfbar Shop online and make your selection from among the different options. The kits are priced affordably too so you save money in the process.