Using Your Strengths to Your Advantage

Using Your Strengths to Your Advantage

Using Your Strengths to Your Advantage

Using your strengths to your advantage can get you where you want to be in life, love and personal growth. However, the road can be long, and you first need to identify what your strengths actually are. But once you do, you can achieve almost anything you want to.

Make Money Doing Something You Love

It’s a dream to be able to make money doing something you are passionate about. Self-employment often affords this opportunity, and in the UK alone, there are over 4 million people doing it for themselves[1]. It’s not for everyone, but, for example, you can learn to become a personal trainer if you love nothing more than going to the gym and have a passion for helping others achieve their physical goals, which in turn is a rewarding career for yourself.

Take Your Career in a New Direction

Speaking of your career, you can use your identified strengths to take it in a completely new direction. There are often a ton of “transferable” skills you can use. These are skills you learned on one job that you can use for another. Some common examples include teamwork, leadership and problem-solving, all of which are sought after by more than 60% of employers[2]. These are known as soft skills in comparison to hard skills such as maths, reading and using computers.

Find Love with Your Stunning Personality 

We all want and, indeed, need love as an essential part of the human experience. But it can be hard to find, with most people on dating sites taking, on average, more than eight months to find a suitable partner[3]. Of course, love itself is a strength and can help emanate a strong personality. But your strengths, such as organisation or data analysis, can help you find a partner through compatibility matching and spending a set amount of time on dating sites.

Visualise Your Goals and Execute Them

Goals can help you get where you want or need to be. And even knowing how to develop and hit targets is a strength, as not everyone knows how or is motivated to do so. Visualisation can further help you find a new job, romance a partner or make more money, and here’s how.

Vision boards

They may be laughed at, but vision boards are an essential part of visualisation. They can help you form a clear image of what the goal is using images or even writing related words.

Guided meditation

In order to visualise correctly within your mind, it must be clear to focus. Meditation can help you achieve this, and you can even visualise your goals while you are in the required relaxed state.

Index cards

Index cards can serve as a reminder of what your goals are. These work well for short-term goals that allow you to accomplish long-term ones like career goals. A simple list is all it takes.

Picture and feel

The law of attraction is neither proven nor disproven. But the method of just imagining what it would be like to achieve your goal and feeling it can be a great motivator in your life.

Related exposure

You can visualise goals clearly if you expose yourself to things related to them. For example, if you want a new car, read about saving and browse car dealers to form a clear image.

Visualisation techniques aren’t for everyone, and it is a skill in itself. Yet once you nail it, you begin to develop the skills for reaching goals you might have thought were impossible.

Focus on Something You Really Want

Like visualisation, having focus is a core strength that even employers will look for. Focus allows you to get things done and get them done well. A trick is not to multitask, even if you think you have this specific skill. You can often get what you want by putting all your energy into it and making it happen. Not everyone can do this, and if you can, you already have a skill that can make your life better. This is made stronger with strengths such as visualisation and planning.

Exemplify the Things You Do Well

When people look at you, what do you think they see? Are they seeing what you want them to? Are you an example of a strong person with a real direction in life? It’s hard to know this, but exemplifying what you want to be is a crucial skill. More than a “fake it til you make it approach, you simply continue to do the things you know you can do well. And in due time, this will be noticed by others, leading to doors opening to a new chapter personally and professionally.

Conquer Your Personal Issues

At the core of it all, we are all strong people. Just getting through life requires it. Of course, like 280 million other people[4] all over the world, you can experience depression. And this can also lead to other issues like anxiety and stress, further causing other disorders. But having strengths doesn’t mean you are invulnerable to these. Yet it’s how you overcome personal problems that show real strength of character and who you really are to the outside world.


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