Unleashing the Magic: The Best Family-Friendly Festivals in the UK

Unleashing the Magic: The Best Family-Friendly Festivals in the UK

Unleashing the Magic: The Best Family-Friendly Festivals in the UK

When it comes to family-friendly fun, the United Kingdom offers an array of exciting festivals that are perfect for creating lasting memories. From music and culture to food and adventure, these festivals provide a magical experience for the whole family. Let's explore some of the best family-friendly festivals in the UK that guarantee a fantastic time for both young and old.

Geronimo Festival: The Geronimo Festival, held in various locations across the UK, is a paradise for children. This family-friendly event features live entertainment, fairground rides, interactive workshops, and outdoor adventures. Kids can enjoy everything from zip-lining and tree climbing to puppet shows and storytelling sessions. Parents can join in the fun too, with activities like parent-and-child yoga and arts and crafts workshops. The festival provides a safe and welcoming environment, ensuring that families have a fantastic time together.

Camp Bestival: Set against the picturesque backdrop of Dorset's Lulworth Castle, Camp Bestival is not only a music festival but also a family-friendly extravaganza. The festival offers an extensive lineup of live music, comedy acts, and theatrical performances to keep everyone entertained. However, it's the activities for children that make Camp Bestival truly special. Kids can indulge in a wide range of activities, including circus workshops, arts and crafts, and exploring the magical Dingly Dell. The festival also features storytelling sessions, puppet shows, and a dedicated soft play area for toddlers. With its enchanting atmosphere and diverse entertainment options, Camp Bestival is a must-visit for families seeking a memorable festival experience.

Just So Festival: Nestled in the idyllic Cheshire countryside, the Just So Festival is a whimsical celebration of arts, music, and literature. This enchanting event encourages family participation with its interactive theater performances, creative workshops, and immersive storytelling sessions. Children can dive into a world of imagination and wonder as they engage in hands-on activities like making costumes, crafting musical instruments, and exploring outdoor installations. The festival also hosts a magical lantern parade, pillow fights, and midnight feasts that add to the sense of adventure. Just So Festival truly embraces the magic of childhood and provides a joyous experience for families.

Latitude Festival: The UK is home to another remarkable family-friendly festival that deserves a spot on your calendar - the Latitude Festival. Nestled in the picturesque Suffolk countryside, Latitude Festival combines music, art, comedy, and family entertainment in a unique blend. With a dedicated family area known as the Kids' Area, children can engage in a wide range of activities including storytelling, arts and crafts workshops, and interactive performances tailored specifically for younger festival-goers. The festival also features a diverse lineup of music acts suitable for all ages, ensuring that every member of the family can find something to enjoy. By adding Latitude Festival to your festival itinerary, you open the door to even more magical experiences and the opportunity to create lasting memories with your loved ones.

Drinks to Take on Festivals: Attending festivals with the family can be thirsty work, so it's essential to stay hydrated and refreshed. While most festivals have designated food and drink vendors, some also allow attendees to bring their own drinks. Here are some drink options to take on a festival:

Water: Stay hydrated by bringing plenty of water bottles or reusable containers. Keeping everyone hydrated is crucial, especially during warm summer festivals.

Fruit Juice: Pack some fruit juice boxes or bottles for a fruity and refreshing beverage option. Opt for natural, no-added-sugar varieties to keep things healthy.

Infused Water: Create your own flavored water by infusing it with slices of fresh fruits like lemon, berries, or cucumber. This adds a burst of flavor and makes staying hydrated more exciting.

Iced Tea: Prepare a batch of homemade iced tea, whether it's classic black tea, herbal tea, or fruity blends. Chill it before the festival and pour it into insulated bottles to enjoy throughout the day.

Smoothies: Whip up nutritious and delicious smoothies using a portable blender or prepare them in advance and carry them in insulated bottles. Smoothies are a fantastic way to sneak in some fruits and veggies.

Remember to check the specific rules and regulations of each festival regarding outside drinks. Some events may have restrictions on glass containers or alcoholic beverages, so always adhere to their guidelines to ensure a smooth and enjoyable festival experience.


The United Kingdom boasts a diverse range of family-friendly festivals that offer a magical experience for all. From the exhilarating adventure-filled activities of Geronimo Festival to the enchanting atmosphere and captivating performances of Camp Bestival, and the imaginative world of creativity and wonder at Just So Festival, these events provide unforgettable moments for families to treasure. With careful preparation and consideration, including bringing refreshing drinks to stay hydrated and quench those festival thirsts, families can embark on a joyous journey together, immersing themselves in the festive spirit and creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime. These extraordinary festivals not only entertain and delight but also serve as a reminder of the power of togetherness, the joy of discovery, and the magic that can be found in the simplest of moments. So gather your loved ones, embrace the magic, and unleash the wonder that awaits at the best family-friendly festivals in the UK.