Top 5 Tips to Remember When Renting a Sports Car in Dubai

Top 5 Tips to Remember When Renting a Sports Car in Dubai

Top 5 Tips to Remember When Renting a Sports Car in Dubai

Renting your favorite sports car in Dubai is a lot of fun. The city has some of the best car rental services offering all kinds of sports cars. Whether you are a Ferrari fan, like a Lamborghini, or favor a McLaren, you will find your preference in the city. Also, fast rent a car allows speed fantasies to be fulfilled for enthusiasts as well. However, careful driving is always recommended.

So, how to get the best sports car rental service in Dubai? Sports cars are not for beginners no matter how much love there is for them. These are fast machines that tend to quickly go out of control. Whether visiting Dubai or planning your weekend getaway in the city, sports cars can make the experience so great. So, here are some tips to remember when renting sports cars:

1: Find Out the Best Sports Car Rental Deals

There are so many car rental companies in the beautiful desert city. Sports cars are found commonly in Dubai. Also, the UAE supports no import duty on most things including cars and vehicles. This reduces the cost of acquiring sports cars in the city. Also, the city is rich in oil and trade money.

Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Ford Mustangs, McLarens, and other sports cars are casually roaming the roads of Dubai all year. Also, the city’s police have some of these fast sports cars in use as well. However, it is easy to find some nice discount deals on sports car rentals in the city.

Almost every car rental business will offer sports car rental services. Look for the best price deals when hiring one. Get a few different quotes to compare prices and other offerings. Free delivery and collection services or higher mileage limits are all great options when provided.

2: Check for Insurance Prices

Depending on the car you rent, insurance prices can be quite high. Other factors that might impact insurance prices are a foreign driving license, the age of the applicant, the age of the driving license, and more. At times, insurance prices can be as much as the rental prices as well.

Especially, in the case of sports cars, insurance prices will be higher. Unless you have premium insurance coverage that covers rental cars, this cost will be added to your experience. Also, taking into account the high insurance costs, it is easy to see why sports cars are hard to rent.

So, make sure to get insurance quotes before signing that rental agreement. One great tip to lower your insurance prices is to rent a couple of years older model of any sports car. Add up the insurance cost and the rental price to see if you can afford to pay the sum.

3: Make Your Schedule and Stick to It

Chopping and changing your sports car rental schedule isn’t the ideal scenario. Extensions in the rental contract or returning the car before the contract finishes can incur additional costs. Also, it is very common for people to realize that they need the car for more days.

So, it is best to always be firm on your rental schedule. When visiting Dubai from any other city, make sure to plan your schedule accounting for all activities.

Return the car on time according to your rental contract. Also, do not schedule delivery at a spot where paid parking applies. Parking fees will be added to your invoice raising the rental cost. Finish your rental contract with all conditions met to receive your full deposit amount back.

4: Check for Mileage Limits and Inspect the Car When Delivered

Usually, there is a daily mileage limit imposed when renting any car in Dubai. This mileage limit is commonly 250 kilometers. Different rental companies may have different mileage limits set up for their service. It should be in the rental contract or you can ask the service provider for it.

Also, make sure to take pictures and a short video of your car as it gets delivered. Take pictures of small dents, dings, and paint chips if any. The rental car must be returned in the same condition as it got delivered to you. Keeping a record in the shape of pictures will help avoid inconveniences.

Both these two factors can shoot the eventual rental cost. Make sure to follow the mileage limits. If you go beyond them, the additional cost can be overwhelming. Also, avoid having to pay for any prior damage, chips, or dents by taking pictures of the car.

5: Obey Local Speed Limits and Don’t be Reckless

It is always necessary to always obey local speed limits. Follow speed limits as highlighted through road signs. Going beyond the speed limit can add additional traffic violations. These traffic violation costs will be adjusted from your advance deposit amount.

Also, don’t be reckless with expensive sports cars. Even the smallest damage can cost quite a lot to fix. Your car rental in Dubai company will need the car returned in the same condition as it arrived to you. All damages will have to be fixed before returning the car or their costs will be adjusted in your invoice.

So, be safe and stay active while on the road. Park the car at designated parking spots. Parking fines will also have to be cleared by the client. Keep your car rental prices low by not having to pay for additional fines, violations, and tickets. All these will compromise your car rental experience.

Locals Vs Tourists Renting Sports Cars in Dubai

Nationals in the UAE will only need to produce their valid local driving license. Residents from other countries will be asked for a valid driving license and a valid UAE visa. Tourists will also need to produce their airport entry stamps along with their valid home country driving license and UAE visa.

However, locals and tourists can all rent fancy sports cars in Dubai at any time. Also, rental prices may vary for locals and tourists as well. It is important to get the right car rental service from the best service providers. Enjoy these fancy cars in the city to improve your experience.