The Ultimate Guide to Detroit Airport – Tips and Tricks for a Stress-Free Travel Experience

The Ultimate Guide to Detroit Airport – Tips and Tricks for a Stress-Free Travel Experience

The Ultimate Guide to Detroit Airport - Tips and Tricks for a Stress-Free Travel Experience

If you’re planning to fly out of Detroit Metro in the near future, you’re probably keen to ensure that the whole experience is as seamless and stress-free as possible. Plane journeys can be tiring and physically and mentally taxing, even if you’re only catching a domestic flight, so finding ways to make the process easier can give you extra confidence. 

With that aim in mind, here are some top tips and tricks to help you have a smooth and, hopefully, enjoyable flight out of Detroit. 

Sign Up For TSA Precheck

One of the biggest bugbears that many people have when it comes to air travel is the hassle involved in getting through security. While we understand that it’s for our own protection, the whole process can still add extra stress to proceedings. 

Fortunately, there is a technique that you can use to avoid the long queues and the overall inconvenience – you can sign up for the TSA Precheck program. All you need to do is fill out an application, appear for a brief 10-minute appointment and then include your new Known Traveller Number to your reservation. 

With this number, you will no longer have to worry about having to remove your shoes, take your laptop out of its case, or take off any belts or jackets when you go through security – making it much quicker and more convenient. 

Arrive In Good Time

To avoid the humiliation of having your name called out over the airport’s PA system because your flight is boarding, it’s recommended that you arrive at Detroit Metro with plenty of time to spare.

This means ensuring that you get to the airport at least an hour and a half before a domestic flight is due to depart, and three hours before an international flight. This will help to prevent any tension caused by traffic congestion, long lines at the airport, and other common air-travel headaches. 

Sort Your Parking 

If you will be leaving Detroit for a few days, it’s a good idea to find a secure and affordable parking space for your vehicle while you’re away.

Fortunately, there are plenty of Detroit airport parking options for you to consider, such as with Rightway Parking – many of which offer complimentary airport shuttles and have friendly and helpful on-site staff available to assist you. 

Pack With Care

Another thing you can do to help your flight from Detroit go as smoothly as possible is to pack strategically. Make sure you have all of the essentials stowed away, including your cell phone charger and all of the necessary travel documents. 

You may also want to pack some engrossing reading material to help the journey fly by, not to mention some healthy snacks that will keep you fuelled up throughout your trip. Easily portable fruits such as apples and satsumas make ideal travel treats, as do granola bars, cookies, and homemade trail mix or no-bake bites. 

Find Somewhere To Relax Before Boarding

Once you’ve cleared security, it’s time to enjoy some pre-flight relaxation. 

For some people, this may mean browsing through the duty-free shops, or picking up some newspapers and magazines to flick through while they wait. Fortunately, there are a number of stores, newsstands, bookstores and boutiques to explore where you can indulge in some retail therapy. You can even pick up some gifts to take with you if you are jetting off to visit family or friends elsewhere. 

For other fliers, grabbing a seat at a restaurant or café and having a restorative cup of tea or coffee and a bite to eat is the ideal way to charge their batteries before a plane journey. 

Detroit Metro has a number of eateries on offer, where you can grab everything from a piece of cake or a sandwich to a more filling meal. Some of the enticing options available include Grobbel’s Deli, Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen, McDonalds – for your fast food fix – and the evocatively named Potbelly. 

Keep Germs At Bay

Since the appearance of Covid-19, we have all been prioritizing personal hygiene even more than usual, and doing our best to steer clear of bugs while we travel. To help you keep healthy while you’re on your journey, be sure to pack or purchase some alcohol wipes which you can use both in the airport and when you reach your airplane seat. 

Wiping down frequently touched surfaces, such as armrests, and washing your hands on a regular basis will hopefully help to keep viruses at bay. 

Once you’ve boarded the flight, there are some more top tips that may prove useful if you want to have as healthy a trip as possible. These range from making sure you stay hydrated, to stretching on a regular basis to prevent blood clots, dressing appropriately, and picking the right seat. 

Calm Those Pre-Flight Jitters

If you’re one of the many travellers who experience some nerves and anxiety when it comes to flying, there are a few things you can do to help you calm yourself down. 

For instance, before your flight from Detroit is due to depart, you can do visualization exercises where you focus on a pleasant image of your destination and picture yourself already safely there. Alternatively, if you have a special ‘happy place’ that always cheers you up when you think about it, visualize that spot instead, and hopefully your jitters will ease. 

Another helpful technique is deep breathing. By taking deep inhalations and then exhaling for as long as you can, you can stave off hyperventilation and trigger your parasympathetic nervous system, which should help you to calm down. 

It may also help if you inform the flight attendants, when you board, that you are a nervous flier. They can give you special attention and make sure that you’re coping well throughout the journey. 


Whether this is your first time flying from Detroit Metro, or you’re a seasoned pro, these top travelling tips and tricks are bound to come in useful on your next journey. With their help, you will hopefully have an enjoyable, seamless and – most importantly - stress-free flight to your next destination.