The Art Of A Great Selfie

The Art Of A Great Selfie

Content creators have so many options when it comes to platforms that they can share on, and some of the most enjoyable ones are visual. Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook are just three options. Not to mention blogs, Medium, Substack and other mediums of sharing text and photos. 

The quality and creativity of content creators has been increasing substantially, with mobile phones now able to take stunning photos, and the price of DSLR cameras going down (and available second hand) it is now easier than ever to take great photos. 

The art of a selfie is one thing that many people want to perfect - and while filters are often used, the best photos only take a little bit of light editing - and letting the real you shine through. 

Photo by Julián Gentilezza on Unsplash


We have cameras that can pick up incredible details, but they might not fit with your style. Retro cameras that use film, polaroids, and older digital can give an incredible effect if that is what you are looking for. When it comes to selfies there is a balance to be found though, because you want to capture all the right details, the right lighting and much of that comes from the quality. 


Again a lot of this will come down to your style of selfie. For maximum detail, and for anything professional (in most capacities) a light, bright photo is often the best option. For more artists and creative shots, then playing with lighting, tones, are a lot of fun. You can create more visually dynamic and interesting images when you understand how to play with light in photography


One thing that should shine through on your selfies is your confidence, and that can be a tall order. Confidence comes from a lot of different places, for some people they don’t need makeup or hair to be done to feel great. 

While others want to do a full face, and hair too. Confidence can shine through in the most beautiful way behind the camera. Smiling is one of the things that people worry about but with some whitening, or straightening from whites dental - your smile won’t let you down. 

Try to make sure that you have a positive pep talk with yourself for any planned selfie sessions, and snap plenty when you’re having a day where you feel great anyway! 

Try not to be tempted to use too many filters, because you’ll end up with photos that don’t look like you. 


There are some angles that will work for you time after time, and while you might want to stick to them permanently, it is good to experiment. Working out your ‘best side’ can be a blessing when you want to nail a selfie every time! Tilting your face is one thing, but moving your camera up, down and over the side can help too. 

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