Tawaf Al-Umrah Guide: Importance, Steps, and Things To Avoid

Tawaf Al-Umrah Guide: Importance, Steps, and Things To Avoid

Tawaf is a necessary ritual of both the obligatory and the minor pilgrimage. It has great significance in Islam, and being compulsory for Umrah, it has specific rules and duas. Tawaf comprises seven rounds around the Holy Kaabah and ends where it starts from, almost one yard before Hajr-e-Aswad.

So, now that you have availed of cheap Umrah packages from UK, it is time that you start learning about Tawaf, its importance, steps, and dos and don’ts. You must know all this to ensure you do the Tawaf correctly, which is vital for your Umrah. Ensure you do your research correctly, or ask someone who has already performed Umrah to guide you before you embark on the spiritual journey. Here is a comprehensive guide on Tawaf that you can take help from.

What is Tawaf and its Purpose?

Tawaf is derived from the Arabic word ‘Tauf’, which means to go round and round. Therefore, Tawaf means to encircle something. So, Tawaf in pilgrimage means to make seven rounds around the Holy Kaabah in an anti-clockwise direction. It is the necessary rite of both Hajj and Umrah. As Almighty highlighted the importance of revolution of everything in the universe in the Holy Quran, we can see it in the pilgrimage too.

Everything in the universe revolves around its centre. From as large as the planets in a galaxy to the smallest particles inside an atom, everything revolves around a central point. Therefore, revolution is a cosmic law. And Muslims’ spiritual centre is the Holy Kaabah or the house of the Almighty hence the revolution around it during the pilgrimage.

By revolving around the house of the Almighty, Muslims are offering their submission and claiming the oneness of Allah Almighty. Every round around the Kaabah strengthens faith in the hearts of pilgrims and makes them closer to Allah.

Importance of Tawaf

Tawaf is the most significant ritual of both Hajj and Umrah. Allah Almighty Himself has discussed its importance in various verses of the Holy Quran. This is not a new ritual, and people used to perform Tawaf even when there was no Islam, but they had other reasons, like ancestral rituals. Many legends support the practice of Tawaf at all times.

However, for Muslims, Tawaf is important to feel closer to the Almighty and to claim His superiority and oneness. Some pilgrims believe that each round around the Kaabah is one step towards the seventh sky, thus a step closer to Allah Almighty. While some believers say that Tawaf is all around surrendering yourself in front of the Almighty and sacrificing your worldly desires to please Him.

Therefore, it is done to devote oneself and heart to pleasing Allah Almighty. So, you have availed of cheap services from your favourite Umrah travel agency in the region. In that case, you must get ready to experience Tawaf’s spirituality and importance.

Steps Involved in Tawaf

Tawaf symbolises unity among the Muslim community and the strengthening of faith in the Almighty. There is a proper procedure to perform Tawaf during the pilgrimage. Various steps of Tawaf are listed below;

1.     Perform Wudu

Wudu or ablution is necessary before every religious act, whether offering daily prayers, reciting the Holy Quran, or performing Tawaf. Therefore, you must be in the state of Wudu when you enter the Holy Kaabah to perform Tawaf.

2.     Wear Ihram

It is necessary to wear Ihram during the pilgrimage. Ihram is a pure white piece of cloth that must cover your satar and should be clean. Men wear two unstitched sheets of white material in a particular manner, while women wear simple clothing with Hijab that protects them from head to toe. Women are forbidden to cover their faces, and men to cover their heads.

3.     Enter Mataaf

Mataaf is the surrounding area of Kaabah where pilgrims perform the Tawaf. After you are in the state of Ihram, you must enter Mataaf.

4.     Perform Niyat

Niyat is your intention to make clear before performing any religious rite. Pilgrims perform niyat in front of the sacred Black Stone in the eastern corner of the Kaabah.

5.     Recite Takbir

Then you must recite Takbir and kiss Hajr-e-Aswad, the Black Stone.

6.     Perform Tawaf

Now the pilgrims will start circling the Kaabah in an anti-clockwise direction. You must complete seven rounds in one go.

7.     Drink Zamzam

Pilgrims conclude the Tawaf by drinking the sacred Zamzam water.

Things to Avoid During Tawaf

Once you have booked cheap Umrah packages, you must know all the dos and don’ts of rituals. Here are some things that you must avoid during Tawaf.

  • Do not discuss worldly affairs.
  • You must not buy or sell any products.
  • Try to keep your phones switched off.
  • Keep your voice low while praying or reciting the Quran.
  • You must wear Ihram.
  • Do not perform Tawaf during Namaz or Khutba.
  • Refrain from performing Tawaf if you are hungry or angry.


Now that you can perform Umrah through cheap Umrah packages, learn about Tawaf. You must avail of services from a reliable Islamic travel agency so you don’t have to worry about anything during Tawaf. It is essential to perform Tawaf with a peaceful mind. Therefore, ensure your travel agency takes care of everything for you.