Pros and Cons of High Roller Casino Bonuses

Pros and Cons of High Roller Casino Bonuses

Pros and Cons of High Roller Casino Bonuses

If you’re a newcomer to the gambling world, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with all the new terms, new language, and confusing new words you’re going to come across.

However, there’s no need to learn everything at once, and many of these terms are much easier to understand than you might think. One idea you’re going to come across is that of a high roller, and a high roller bonus. Let’s take a look at what a high roller is and discuss the pros and cons of the high roller bonus.

What is a High Roller?

At the end of the day, casinos are businesses. This means they are looking to make money first and foremost. However, they are also a form of entertainment. What this means is that they need to ensure their players are having a good time. Otherwise, players will soon leave for a competitor.

If a player is spending lots of money at one particular casino, they are referred to as a high roller, or sometimes a whale or a cheetah. Casinos are eager to keep these high rollers happy, so will offer them lavish rewards and complementary gifts.

In the brick-and-mortar casinos of Las Vegas, high rollers are often treated to exclusive penthouse suites and free transport on private jets. However, in the world of online gambling, these gifts aren’t practical, so digital platforms will instead offer players special high roller bonuses.

What is a High Roller Bonus?

The online gambling industry is growing rapidly, and the competition is increasing as it does so. If a high roller is spending lots of money at an online casino, that platform will be desperate to keep them and prevent them from heading for a rival casino.

To do so, the player will be offered a special high roller bonus, which can come in a number of forms. High rollers can sometimes be offered big cash bonuses for making large deposits. They can also be invited to exclusive private games and digital tables, where only the casino’s most valuable customers play.

Pros of High Roller Bonuses

Plenty of online gambling platforms offer a high roller casino bonus for whales, they are designed to ensure the most valuable players remain on one platform.

If you are a high roller itself, one of the biggest benefits of the high roller bonus is that you will be rewarded for your loyalty and your custom. It’s always nice to feel appreciated, and being offered high roller bonuses can help you build a stronger bond with your favourite casino platform.

The other more obvious pro of high roller bonuses is the financial rewards. After making a large deposit, you can expect to see a portion returned to you in the form of a bonus. This can really take the sting out of any losses and ensure you are never short of cash.

Finally, high roller bonuses can give you the chance to play exclusive games at private tables. This way, you can concentrate on the game at hand with no distractions and enjoy feeling important at the same time. Many of these games come with better odds or special offers, creating more opportunities to win big.

Cons of High Roller Bonuses

While there are plenty of pros when it comes to high roller bonuses, as with anything there are some downsides as well.

To be considered a high roller you’re going to have to spend. This doesn’t mean placing a larger-than-average wager every now and then; whales are players who consistently wager more than other players, and who do so on a regular basis.

Obviously, this means you’re going to need to have considerable funds at your disposal. It’s absolutely vital that you don’t spend beyond your means just to access high roller bonuses. Never gamble more than you can afford, regardless of what promotions may be available.

Placing such large wagers also means there is more pressure on each spin. You’ll be able to win more, but you’ve also got more to lose. This pressure can make for a stressful experience that isn’t for everyone. However, some people relish the pressure, and the high-stakes nature of the high roller game is, for many, the best way to experience an online casino game.


High roller bonuses are reserved for an exclusive class of player who demonstrate loyalty and a willingness to spend big on a consistent basis. However, the rewards can be excellent and, while there are downsides, there are many more pros to the high roller bonus.