Introducing the New LE-BURSTING SCHEME Watch of DAVIS ELVIN: The Fusion of Timekeeping and Graffiti Art

Introducing the New LE-BURSTING SCHEME Watch of DAVIS ELVIN: The Fusion of Timekeeping and Graffiti Art

In addition to being timepieces, watches are the perfect medium to showcase one’s personality, and either they are a timepiece that is an artistic statement and a record of history or a glimpse into the future. The new trendy watch brand of DAVIS ELVIN has a unique character and is known for its futuristic and creative approach. Davis Elvin watches have got the potential to be truly called something bold and different, something that stands out from the rest, and something that does not follow the old school rules of the watch dress and is made to be the most comfortable along with the most superb storytelling in the layers of its dial surrounded in the mechanical excellence and accuracy.



DAVIS ELVIN is a known Italic trademark that was founded in the city of Milan, Italy. The brand dates back to September 2012 when it was founded by Girolamo. Despite its formation in this year, the history of this brand originated in 2001 when a unique mind in the world of design decided to take that route and make something that would change the perception and thoughts of how people take timepieces and rewind the psyche behind watches. Girolamo was very famous for his work in the niche of fashion designing, not only his work was famous for its quality but for his futuristic thinking also. His foresight shook the designers of that time back in the 1990s when the fashion world was blowing up. Girolamo was always concerned with the hypothesis that people prefer the past over the future and that is why there is no place for future thinkers. The main concern was with the psyche behind the watches, as undoubtedly timepieces are one the most delicate and important things but such things being sold under the name of the brand history, continuing the same norms was disturbing as most brands were not making anything different than their past. Watch niche has a lot of room for new designers and has got the potential to make major changes in the rules and laws of the watch stereotypes. Girolamo started its journey by keeping the field potential in mind and after years of struggle, the watch brand Davis Elvin has come out with a beautiful series of timepieces that have been designed on the futuristic concepts of fantasy, fiction, and reality. The detailing and the themes used in the watches give a glimpse of the future according to the will of the creator. 


Coming to recently released watches of Davis Elvin, the brand has introduced the new watch BURSTING SCHEME which is sure a spectacular piece of art by the designers of Davis Elvin. This brand is continuing to impress customers with its innovative designs and its unique character of storytelling in the complex designs of its dial and crystal. The same goes for the BURSTING SCHEME watch which is an exclusive masterpiece. For the explanation, the details of the BURSTING SCHEME are as follows:



For the first time, Davis Elvin designers incorporated a new concept of graffiti art into the watch. The watch BURSTING SCHEME incorporate elements of urban street art and graffiti into their design. The watch serves as a unique and expressive form of wearable art, combining the functionality of a timekeeping device with the creativity and aesthetics of graffiti. A fine doodle work in the back ground of the watch dial makes it a masterpiece of modern doodling, along with the term bursting that is used to represent the explosion of art and is visible in the design. The third design incorporated inside is the clown emoji which is carefully added with the luminous art feature for glow in dark concept. This artwork is mutually signed with Michael and is sure to win hearts. For more details please click here.

Graffiti art has its roots in the urban environment, often found on walls, buildings, and public spaces. It is characterized by vibrant colors, intricate designs, and bold, expressive lettering. 

Graffiti artists use spray paint, markers, stencils, and other tools to create their works, which often convey social and moral messages or simply serve as a form of self-expression.

DAVIS ELVIN has drawn inspiration from these artistic techniques and styles in the BURSTING SCHEME watch. They feature graffiti-inspired designs on the watch’s face, strap, or even the entire watch body.

The incorporation of graffiti art into the watch not only adds a visually striking element but also infuses the timepieces with a sense of urban edginess and individuality. The watch allows wearers to showcase their personal style and connection to the urban art scene.

The abstract clown’s face falls on the watch’s face, smirking at the project to create an outburst of graffiti art about time.

DAVIS ELVIN BURSTING SCHEME watch costs up to 3,699 dollars which is a very reasonable price compared to the design and quality. The materials used in the making of the watch and its unique design are worth the price of the watch. For online buying, you can reach out to the official site of DAVIS ELVIN.


  • The dial’s design and aesthetics play a crucial role in the overall appearance and style of the watch. The dial design of the LE-BURSTING SCHEME watch features a double-layer design that includes an exclusive graffiti art design of a smiley clown face. At first glance, the dial of DAVIS ELVIN LE-BURSTING SCHEME watch exudes a refined design that immediately captures attention. The clean, uncluttered layout creates a sense of harmony, allowing the wearer to focus on the essential elements of timekeeping. The hour markers, meticulously crafted with utmost precision, are presented in a sleek, minimalist style, offering a modern interpretation of classic aesthetics.
  • The watch includes another two watch dials, a second hand and an hour hand that are covered with super luminous paint for easy readability in the dark.
  • Watch case is a tonnueau shaped with a dark gray colour and a camo forging pattern on it.
  • Glow in the dark concept is the main attraction of this watch as a clown faced smiley appears in the dark that alongside the hour markers are lit up and provides with the unique display out.
  • The crown is made up of titanium alloy and the logo of DAVIS ELVIN is dotted on it, giving it a high-class look.
  • Flourorubber strap with a well tight buckle is made available that is skin friendly and useable under all conditions.
  • This new piece of artwork is jointly signed by Michael and the design is in resonance to a a piece of modern doodle artwork.


As always, the new Davis Elvin watch design is an absolute win and it is yet the most exciting artwork ever designed by DAVIS ELVIN along with the participation of big names in the art industry. For more information regarding Davis Elvin visit their official site and you can catch up with them on Instagram and Facebook as IG @daviselvin_watch and Fb @DAVIS ELVIN, do follow them for more updates.