Include A Piece of History in Your Room’s Décor

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Some types of furniture have a rich history, consider adding one of the pieces to your home

Almost everyone knows what a conversation piece is in a home.

It’s a piece of artwork, decorative object, or furniture that elicits a response from visitors.

But did you know a simple table can also spark conversations?

Some types and styles of furniture have a rich and entertaining history.

Not only do you get a functional piece of furniture, but you also have something unique in your home.

Add a Piece of Furniture With a Unique History

Do you love eating a snack in your favorite comfy chair or eating dinner in front of the TV?

Sometimes it’s nice to forego sitting at the kitchen or dining room table to eat a meal, especially when you are the only one home.

Sitting by yourself at a large table can feel lonely.

You can always pull the coffee table up, but there is always the issue of height. Most coffee tables are not taller enough to allow someone to comfortably reach their plate from the chair.

You can always grab a tray from the kitchen, but not every home has trays in the cabinets.

Another solution is to add a butler side table to the room.

The small table is functional and fits easily beside most chairs and couches, you can also store it in a closet. Best of all, the piece of furniture comes with a rich history.

A butler side table has a removable tray on top of a sturdy folding stand.

The style is believed to originate in 1700s England and you can imagine the famous historical individuals who took their afternoon tea on the removable tray.

While modern tables often have the tray attached, meaning the stand usually isn’t foldable, the design and history may mean you want to make it a permanent addition to the room.

The Right Table Can Tie a Room Together

When you talk about adding an item to tie a room together, a table is something that’s rarely considered.

However, uttermost accent tables live up to their name. They can accent your existing furniture and décor while also being functional.

Uttermost accent tables are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors.

A quick look at the designs will give you a good idea of what the furniture brand has to offer.

Think of clean lines and modern, contemporary designs that will blend in or stand out.

These side tables can also easily become a conversation piece.

Even the table tops are somewhat different in color and design, making it easy to find the perfect small table for any room in your house.

How do you choose the right table for a room?

It’s a good idea to start with how you want to use the table.

Are you planning on using it to hold drinks and food? If so, one with a removable tray is probably the best option.

Otherwise, look through the various designs and styles, and you’ll find the perfect functional side table that can also spark a conversation.