Important Considerations for Attending an RV Event: A Comprehensive Guide

Important Considerations for Attending an RV Event: A Comprehensive Guide

RV enthusiasts spend most of their time on the road. And when they are not driving a recreational vehicle, they will most probably be attending an RV event where you can find RV classified, the latest trends around these vehicles, modern equipment for RVs, and other exciting products that you can use on your vehicle to get the best of it.

It’s also an exciting opportunity for RVers to connect with fellow travelers and businesses that run used RV sites and get new tips on how to make their RV trip exciting, fun, and memorable. If you are attending an RV event for the first time, our guide will help you prepare for it. So, if you don’t know what to wear, where to stay, and what to do at the event, read on.

Researching the Event

RV events are exciting, but they can be overwhelming at the same time. Many speakers, travel junkies who have explored different routes with their RVs, and tech experts who know the latest trends in this industry attend such shows to spread awareness about RVs and the recent technology these vehicles are equipped with.

Before attending the event, research it. Visit the event’s website or check out the webpage of the company that’s hosting the event to gather show details, like the timing, duration, parking fees, location, dress code, or any IDs you are supposed to bring. Usually, attendees have to pre-book the event and carry the printout of the receipt or the entry pass to the location to get access. Here are some basic things to research:

Event Type and Theme: Research the event type, i.e. whether it’s an outdoor or indoor event, and what it’s based on. You will get detailed information about the theme and event type on the company’s website. Knowing what the RV event is about will help you prepare better for it. You will get enough time to research the theme, innovation, and technology in the field before you attend the event.

Location and Accessibility: Location is another important consideration. You will find the venue details on the organizer’s website, but make sure you clear your doubts regarding the parking area, parking fees, and other factors. If you are bringing toddlers or a handicapped person, check if they are allowed and if there’s a separate entry point for them.

Duration and Schedule: An RV event varies in theme and size. These shows can last for hours and are conducted outdoors, meaning you’ll be exploring campers, their accessories, and a lot of exciting stuff in the open air. You must also check the schedule, i.e. the number of exhibitions, when and where exactly they will be conducted, and how long the entire show will last. You can collect the event map on the official website or get it at the time of entrance.

Organizers and Reputation: An RV event isn’t just about the latest RVs in the market, but the organizers might also invite people that have launched new accessories for the campers that can make a huge difference to your trip in this recreational vehicle. So, before you attend the event, check out the organizers, popular speakers, and other professionals who’ll be attending the event and what new accessories they will be launching. Knowing this beforehand will help you understand the new products’ features better in person and get a live demo at the event.

Past Attendees’ Feedback and Reviews: Also include previous customers’ feedback in your research. Knowing what previous attendees think of the event, what they experienced, and what suggestions they have to make the event better will help you prepare for it beforehand. Those who have attended the event before will share valuable tips on how you can make the best of it.

Evaluating Accommodation Options

The next important consideration is your accommodation. If you don’t live nearby, you will want to book a hotel near the venue or check other accommodation options beforehand. Do not leave the booking part to the last minute, since most hotels get pre-booked by attendees.

On-site Camping Facilities: If the show is organized off-site or in any location where there’s no hotel in the vicinity, you must be allowed on-site camping. See if the organizers have arranged for on-site camping and what’s the procedure to book and set up the camp.

RV Rental Units: Some organizers provide accommodation with RV rental units to give you a solid experience of exploring different RVs and their features while enjoying comfortable accommodation. You will be provided with all the basic amenities and Wi-Fi. It’s still advisable to check what facilities you’ll get in the vehicle before confirming your booking.

Nearby Accommodation Options: In most cases, the attendees are supposed to book the hotels, guest houses, and other accommodation options in the vicinity. Check if there are any reputable hotels close to the venue and book it online to avoid the last-minute hassle.

Be Attentive

When exploring different exhibitions, you must pay attention to the products, new camper accessories, and the technology that will enhance the performance of these vehicles. You must research different campers beforehand if you are planning to buy one at the event. You can book a camper or certain accessories at the event itself or you can pre-book it if that’s allowed. Either way, doing your research about different campers that will be offered at the show will help you make a purchase decision.

Ask Questions

Do not hesitate to clear your doubts about the different accessories or features of a camper. There will be professionals and tech experts that can answer your questions. They will help you make informed business decisions. It’s also an excellent opportunity for campers to extend their network. Since you will meet many travelers and Rvers, feel free to build a connection.


Many reputable RVers and professionals from RV-selling websites attend RV events. You also get to learn a lot from such opportunities. The exhibitions are organized by those specializing in campers and innovations in this field.