How to calculate the true safari cost for Tanzania

How to calculate the true safari cost for Tanzania


Calculating a true Tanzania Safari Cost can be challenging. You need to consider various factors that will affect your Tanzania Safari budget. 

True Safari Costs for Tanzania can be affected by factors like duration of travel, accommodation options, safari activities, and many more. Considering all these, Tanzania Safari Packages will cost you around $250-$700 per person per day. 

But how? Don’t worry in the following we will do a detailed breakdown of all the factors that determine the true Tanzania Safari Cost



  • Types Of Safari 
  • Duration Of Travel 
  • Standard Of Accommodation 
  • Safari Activities 
  • Time Of Travel 
  • Number Of People Travelling 
  • What National Parks You Are Visiting 



  • Types Of Safari In Tanzania 

The types of safaris that you will choose will determine your Tanzania Safari Price

There are three types of safaris that you can opt for. The Budget, mid-range, and luxury safaris. 

Budget Safari ($200-$300)

If you are on a tight budget, we would suggest you go for a budget safari. It is obvious that you won’t get the comfort of a luxury safari but if you are okay with basic facilities, you can still get the best game-viewing experience. 

Mid-Range Safari ($500-1000$)

Cost slightly lower than a luxury safari, the mid-range safari offers you all the comfort you need on Tanzania Safari Packages

In a mid-range safari, you can choose tented mobile camps and mobile safaris. 

Luxury Safari ($1500-$2000)

As the name says Luxury safari is all about getting the best out of the best. On a Luxury Safari, you will get the best luxury accommodations with top-class services. 

Even though you will have to pay a high price it will be worth each penny. 

  • Duration Of Travel 

Duration of Travel always plays an important role in determining Tanzania Safari Cost. 

The more you will stay the more it will cost. If you want to explore Tanzania in the best possible way, we would suggest you go on 7 days Tanzania safari. 

But if you are on a tight budget and still want to Tanzania wildlife you can choose either 3 day or 5 days Tanzania Safari. 

Here are some tips that can help you to stay longer in Tanzania Safari with less spending.

  • Visit in the lower season
  • Choose a group instead of going on a safari alone
  • Go for the right accommodation according to your budget 
  • Accommodation Also Plays An Important Role ($20-$200)

Accommodation plays an equal and important role in calculating Tanzania Safari Costs

Choosing the standard of accommodation is the real question of comfort and cost. 

Category of Accommodation Price (in USD), approx. (per person, per day)
Basic/Budget From $20-$40
Mid-Range/Economy From $50 onwards
Luxury/Premium From $150 – $200


  • Safari Activities ($25- $600)

There is a lot to do on a Safari in Tanzania. The activities that you can do are –

  • Hot Air Ballooning safaris – $500-$600
  • Masai Village Tours – $30 – $40
  • Night Safaris- $175
  • Guided Walking Safaris – $25s

The safari activities that you will choose will eventually determine your Safari Cost in Tanzania.  You can go for the Hot Air Balloon or the cheapest Guided Walking safaris according to your budget. 

  • Why Time Of Travel Is An Important Factor 

While calculating the true cost for a Tanzania Safari the time of travel plays a significant role. 

Time of travel means in which season you are planning a visit.  The game viewing in Tanzania has been divided into two seasons one is high and the other is low season. 

During the peak/low season like December to February and June- August the safari cost is high due to the high number of tourists.

In low season the safari cost will be comparatively 10-20% lower. Also, the in lower season crowds are less. 

But for the best game-viewing experience, we suggest you consider the high season. 


  • The Number Of Travellers Plays A Huge Part 

How much your safari will cost will depend on the number of travellers travelling on a Tanzania Safari.

Let’s take two situations – one where you are travelling with one person in the second you are travelling with groups of 4-5 people. 

It is no- a brainer that the overall safari cost will be less if you split with 4-5 people together. 

So, if you want to lower your Tanzania Safari Cost try to visit in groups. 

  • Numbers of Parks that you are planning to visit 

Tanzania is home to more than 23 national parks. You have a vast variety of choices and the choices you will contribute to your Tanzania Safari cost.

In the past years, travellers have chosen Serengeti as their prime safari destination.   The reason is Serengeti Wildebeest Migration. This migration cost around $70. 

So, the point is famous Tanzania National Parks and safari destinations will cost you more. 


Considering all the above factors we have tried to calculate a true safari cost in Tanzania.  

The cost is variable are subject to depending on several factors. But the above factors, the two factors that make the difference in your Tanzania safari cost are Duration of Travel and time of travel.   

The Tanzania Safari Price Is comparatively lower than in its neighbouring countries. But the experience that you are going to have been truly exceptional. When it comes to wildlife and wilderness, Tanzania is simply unbeatable. 

Traveling companions can significantly impact your expenses; sharing the experience with a group can substantially reduce overall costs. The choice of Tanzanian national parks, such as the famed Serengeti with its captivating Wildebeest Migration or the enchanting Manyara Safari, also contributes to the final sum. Factors like duration and timing play a pivotal role when tallying the actual cost of your Tanzanian Safari, making Tanzania an alluring yet cost-effective choice among its neighboring safari destinations. In Tanzania’s embrace, the unparalleled wonder of wildlife and wilderness, epitomized by iconic destinations like the Serengeti & Manyara Safari, promises an unforgettable journey that resonates beyond its remarkable landscapes.