How good is Harvard university for Indians?

How good is Harvard university for Indians?

Founded in the year 1636,Harvard University is one of the best and oldest higher education institutes in the US. Harvard University is known as the best University not only in the US but also around the world because of its reputation and academic excellence.

Harvard University acceptance rate is only 4%,Indian students need to have an excellent academic background and profile to secure admission here.

Harvard University fees for Indian Students vary depending on the particular program and the level of study.Cost  for MBA ranges from INR 61.84L -71.11L and for MS programs fees ranges from INR 17.55L-53.64L.In this article we have given information on  harvard university fees for indian students, harvard university courses for international students, harvard university requirements for indian students, is harvard worth it, how good is harvard university, why is harvard university the best.

Harvard University courses for international students:

International students should acquire some crucial information such as Harvard University courses before applying for the admission.

When we take a close look at the Harvard University courses for international students then we come to know that the University offers over 50 fields of study to Undergraduate students.

Harvard University also offers more than 100 graduate courses for studies.Some of the popular Undergraduate courses offered at Harvard University are chemistry, Computer science, Business administration and management etc.The popular graduate courses offered are Design Studies,Business administration,Law,Life sciences etc.

Harvard University requirements for indian students:

Harvard University for Indian students has some certain requirements for admission that international students including Indian students need to fulfill.The most basic requirement for admission includes the student must have completed a secondary education from a recognized board such as CBSE/ICSE.

Below are some important Harvard University requirements for Indian Students

  • Standardized Tests : Harvard University accepts standardized test scores from either the SAT or ACT.
  • English Language Proficiency : Applicants having strong knowledge of English is essential for successful study at Harvard University,also the applicant must have the ability to understand and express thoughts clearly and quickly.Although applicants are not required to take an English Proficiency exam such as IELTS ,TOEFL etc.
  • Application process : Students can submit applications through Common application or Coalition Application.Student will receive an email confirmation from the University with a link to the application portal.
  • Privacy Information : Students submitting an application ,consent to Harvard’s processing their Sensitive personal data in order to evaluate their application and their eligibility to financial aid.

Harvard University fees for indian students:

Harvard University fees for Indian Students can vary depending on the program and the level of study.It is important to note that by providing financial aid and scholarships to eligible students Harvard University aims to make its education affordable for deserving Indian Students.

Students can refer to the table below for information on fees and courses.

                            Courses                     Tuition fees for 1st year
MS INR 17.45  L –  53.36 L
MBA/PGDM INR 61.51L -70.73L
MIM INR 17.45L -46L
Other UG INR 40.77L-INR 44.56L
Others PG INR 16.33L-54.43L
B.E./B.Tech INR 44.56L
BBA INR 44.56L
LL.M. INR 57.83L
M.Des INR 45.56L-46.97L
M.Arch INR 43.86-46.97L
MPH INR 54.98L
B.A. INR 43.24L
M.A. INR 40.6L-43.07L
MDS INR 53.36L-54.43L
MEng INR 50.72L
B.Ed INR 40.77L
Ph.D INR 15.97L
PG certificate INR 54.4L

Why is Harvard University the best :

Many students wonder “how good is the harvard University” or “Is Harvard worth it” the simple answer to this can be that,  Harvard offers a diverse and large range of academic programs for various interests and career paths.Harvard University invests significantly in their world class facilities and resources for creating an environment that allows students to make outstanding discoveries.Harvard University’s combination of excellent faculty,diverse academic programs,influential alumni network and vibrant campus life contributes to its reputation and make Harvard University the best.

Additionally, Harvard’s large alumni network includes numerous figures in various companies,opening doors to career opportunities and connections for its graduates.